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Google finally took RCS messaging worldwide but it's too little, too late

The right time for cross-platform unified messaging was five years ago, not in late 2020. The long battle over messaging is finally over now that Google has incorporated RCS across the entire globe and is pushing out encryption features as I type. Not really; the battle for universal messaging was over long ago and Google just now got to the playing field. Here's what's happening in case you didn't catch it: Google has finished making RCS chat features available in its Messages app in every country that it can be made available (it's never coming to a few countries like China or Russia) and it's slowly pushing out end-to-end encryption for users who opt-in for Google's Chat features. That means Android users can enjoy rich messaging as long as they use the Messages app and the other party is also using the Messages app. In theory. The fine print reads that it works through Google's Jibe service unless your carrier supports the RCS Universal profile

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