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Upgrade your home security with $130 off Ring Alarm's 2nd-gen 14-piece kit

Right now you can get the Ring Alarm's 14-piece home security kit on sale for $199.99 from the Ring website. That's $130 off what it's going for at Amazon . It's such a low price it's actually $50 better than the 8-piece kit and even the same price as the 5-piece kit is going for currently. That's a whole lot of extras essentially for free, which means you can cover a whole lot more of your home and feel better about it. The 5-piece kit actually dropped as low as $150 during Prime Day, but this is still better value than that given that two contact sensors go for around $40 and you're getting seven extra sensors with this. The 14-piece kit comes with one base station, two keypads, eight contact sensors, two motion detectors, and one range extender. That's a whole lot of sensors that can all be programmed to communicate with your smartphone and your smart home. The do-it-yourself system doesn't require any professional installation either

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