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Can the Jabra Elite 85t outdo the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

Covering more ground Jabra Elite 85t $230 at Amazon Pros Solid hybrid ANC performance Great sound quality Improved call quality Comfortable fit Responsive controls Wireless charging case Cons Larger frame More proprietary ear tips Larger and heavier case Jabra didn't necessarily reinvent its super popular true wireless earbuds, but it did take the Elite 85t to another level by including features people came to expect for an "elite" pair of headphones. The sum of all their parts make these earbuds easy to like, and worthy of being in the conversation among the best true wireless earbuds . Leaving things open Samsung Galaxy Buds Live $140 at Amazon Pros Good audio quality Long-lasting battery life Extremely useful companion app Supports Qi wireless charging Active noise cancelation Cons Touch controls can be finicky Certain features exclusive to Samsung phones Design can be polarizing Samsung did conceptually reinvent its t