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Protect your new, huge Note 20 with one of these cases

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases are protective, grippy, and stylish. While the regular Note 20 doesn't have a glass back, it's still a big, honking phone and you shouldn't dare step out your door without protecting it with a case. From thin and colorful to ruggedly handsome, these are the cases you can trust with your new Note 20. Clear and clean Spigen Liquid Crystal Staff pick Want to show off your lovely Mystic Green phone? The Liquid Crystal will offer grip and scratch protection while keeping things slim and sanguine. If you want a little more pop, I adore the Glitter variant! $10 at Amazon $13 at Amazon (Glitter) Functional fabric Samsung Kvadrat Cover This sustainable case is bright, cheerful, and feels wonderful in the hand. The color choices are a bit small compared to the S20+, but the bright pink case mislabeled as Red is lovely, so why would you need anything else? $29 at Amazon Mesmerizing majesty Caseology Parallax

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series phones can now automatically block spam calls

Samsung's improved Smart Call feature is expected to make its way to older Galaxy flagships in the near future. What you need to know Samsung and Hiya have extended their strategic partnership through 2025. Hiya will power Samsung Smart Call to help protect Galaxy smartphone users from spam and fraud calls. Samsung Smart Call's improved spam call protection features will be available on the Galaxy Note 20 series first. Hiya, a Seattle-based company that provides caller profile and business profile services, today announced that it has extended its strategic partnership with Samsung through 2025. Hiya will not only continue to power Samsung Smart Call to protect Galaxy users from spam and fraud calls, but it will also provide Hiya Connect to enable businesses to reach more customers on Samsung devices around the world. Inkang Song, VP and Head of Technology Strategy Group, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung, said in a statement: At Samsung, we are dedicat

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