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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review: The new flagship killer

Everything you'd expect from a modern flagship without the modern price.For years, there's been a stigma around using plastic designs in high-end, expensive phones. Consumers have come to expect more luxurious materials like metal and glass which, despite being more fragile than plastic, typically have a more "premium" feel.I'm definitely guilty of shying away from devices whose spec sheets feature the word polycarbonate. I was reluctant to try the Galaxy Note 20 for exactly that reason. But once my review unit came in, my concerns surrounding creakiness and a cheap in-hand feel disappeared. Build quality in general has, of course, massively improved since the days when plastic flagships were commonplace, and the Note 20 felt just as solid as any other phone I'd tested in recent memory. The story is the same with the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition — better known as the S20 FE. This phone is the latest in Samsung's crusade to dominate every pricing tier with a well…

Samsung U.S. will repair frontline and healthcare workers' phones for free

The offer is valid through June 30 and covers a single repair.What you need to knowIn a show of solidarity with first responders and healthcare workers, Samsung is offering them one free phone repair.The program is called Free Repairs for the Frontline and offers services such as screen repairs and battery replacements.It's being implemented in partnership with uBreakiFix.Samsung is launching a new initiative aimed at supporting the first responders and healthcare workers fighting the current pandemic in the frontlines. Called Free Repairs for the Frontline, the program offers one free smartphone repair to doctors, nurses, hospital workers, EMTs, police officers, and firefighters.The offer is valid through June 30, and the phone itself will be serviced by uBreakiFix. You can either go to the chain store locations for an in-person repair or call 1-800-SAMSUNG to set up a mail-in repair; Samsung will generously also cover the shipping fees alongside the cost of the repair. You can f…

From the Editor's Desk: The S20 Ultra's 100X zoom severely under-delivered

That number looks great in marketing materials, but ultimately 100X photos are terrible. Samsung made huge strides in camera quality with the Galaxy S20 series, to the point where in many situations the S20 Ultra is taking photos directly comparable to the Pixel 4 XL. Putting aside little quibbles around the details of how the photos look, I'm really loving what this camera is capable of, and I don't feel like I'm using an inferior camera like I did with the S10+.
I think the Galaxy S20 Ultra's camera is great, and its zoom capabilities are a big part of that. And it's not just about the 108MP main camera; a big part of my enjoyment is the quality of zoom shots. I've had my Galaxy S20 Ultra for a couple of weeks now, and I really enjoy incorporating zoom shots into my regular use of the camera. But something I figured out very quickly is how little I want to use the super-long zoom options. After my testing period, where I specifically found situations to comp…

How to use Wireless PowerShare on the Galaxy S20

Wireless PowerShare is a pretty nifty feature that lets the Galaxy S20 charge other devices wirelessly. While you can technically charge other phones, the feature is designed to be used with Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Here's what you need to know about the feature, and how to get started.
Products used in this guideTurbocharged: Samsung Galaxy S20 ($1,000 at Amazon)Power up your music: Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ($149 at Amazon)How to use Wireless PowerShare to wirelessly charge devices with the Galaxy S20Pull down the notification panel by swiping down from the top of the screen.Swipe down once more to reveal all the quick toggles.Select Wireless PowerShare. Put another device on the back of your S20 to charge it wirelessly with Wireless PowerShareIdeally, you'll need to put the device you want to charge at the center of the back of the Galaxy S20 because this is where the wireless charging coil is located. For accessories like the Galaxy Buds+, all you need to do i…

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