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iPhone 6S Release Date and Rumors: Specs and Features vs Samsung Galaxy S5

The rumor mills have been taking an objective iPhone 7, the so-called successor flagship for the recently released iPhone 6. While the idea of a new issue of iPhone sounds exciting, it seems speculations have overlooked the possibility of an iPhone 6S. Of course Apple has established its first phablet as iPhone 6 Plus, but what about an iPhone -s? Is Cupertino giant abandoned the idea once and for all? We can never really tell unless Apple confirms it. Still, there is a possibility that can adopt iPhone 6S based 5S improved by a parallel perspective 5. Since specifications, 6S not necessarily be larger changes - let the uniqueness Plus and 6 could actually 6S become a device no one has ever seen before. We have also taken the initiative to compare possible specifications and features of the iPhone 6S against existing Samsung Galaxy S5. But first, let's take a look at the odds surrounding the old. iPhone 6S According to Macworld, not much difference between the designs

Android 4.4 Software Updates KitKat arrive for several models of devices

  Various devices have been receiving the latest updates from Android 4.4 software KitKat in recent weeks . Devices Samsung ( KRX: 005930 ), HTC ( TPE: 2498 ) and Sony ( NYSE: SNE) can now upgrade to any version of Android 4.4.3 or Android 4.4.4 software .   Many of these devices are getting their last update before Google Inc. ( NASDAQ: GOOGL ) launches new Android operating system L . It is expected that the new software to be released in November and manufacturers like HTC have committed to start updating their devices within 90 days of their initial release. Meanwhile, find details about the latest Android updates below. To check if the device has an Android update available , access Settings > About phone updates > Software. Samsung Galaxy S5 The XDA Developers forum members say the Verizon Galaxy S5 are upgrading to Android 4.4.4 . Sprint has also hinted that his model Galaxy S5 soon be u

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