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Visual-edge-driven fight against, and applied creatively-body physics all come to mind when we think of Dead or Alive. 

 As the series has been closely associated with the launch of Xbox last, looking at their history reveals a game that jumped through numerous platforms before making a comfortable home on the Microsoft console.

Dead or Alive Originally released in 1996, from life designed for the Model 2 Sega arcade board. Model 2 3D fighters and hosted popular at the time, so it seemed a natural step for the project fighting game of Tecmo, aimed at rowdy bandwagon. "At the time, Tecmo was not doing so well," said former Team Ninja leader Tomonobu Itagaki in an interview in 2005, "The requested management style game Virtua Fighter. - Only better" Tecmo well prepared to take on Virtua Fighter on their own ground (and hardware). A highly acclaimed Saturn port of Dead or Alive, loaded with extras, released in 1997 in Japan - was only a later edition PlayStation port that saw the light of day in other territories.

While Dead or Alive 2 enjoyed a similar arcade release (and post-Dreamcast and PlayStation ports), Dead or Alive 3 surprised everyone, not only proving to be an exclusive Xbox, but omitting the arcades at all. During a time when the national company arcades fighters were considered, this was unprecedented, but Itagaki predicted change fighting games away from arcades to consoles. DOA3 widely showed what the system could do - looked great characters and scenes, the fights were smooth as silk, and "(ahem) advanced physics series were impressive.

The US version launched with the original Xbox in 2001, but the Japanese and European versions (released in 2002) contained gameplay differences, extra costumes, a mode of attack time and a completely different intro. Extra costumes - less game settings - were presented in a "disk drive" special filled with OXM June through September 2002 issues Fighter Team Ninja proved to be one of the biggest hits of the Xbox launch, and ripped quintet Xbox exclusive Dead or Alive games including Dead or Alive Volleyball spinoff Xtreme Beach and Dead or Alive Xtreme 2.

Dead or Alive Finally released in 2004 This compilation shows the first two Dead or Alive, enhanced with the addition of Dead or fan favorite character Alive 3 Hitomi and play online. The original version of the Dead or Alive included was, surprisingly, not the original arcade, but the port of Saturn, as Itagaki felt it was the best version. It's no wonder when the press conference Xbox 360 at E3 2005 used Dead or Alive 4 to show the new technology, and although narrowly missed the launch of the 360 ​​by the release in December 2005, DOA4 was still a title interest, even including a tie-in Halo Spartan female soldier in armor-458 to join the list of combat.

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The franchise remains strong, even after the departure of Itagaki from Tecmo. Last year, Dead or Alive 5 went to the starting point, not only for being cross-platform, but includes characters from Virtua Fighter - the game that inspired the creation of the series. With Dead or Alive 5 last only on Xbox 360, the Xbox One is officially the first Xbox console does not have a DOA game in its launch window.

Xbox fans still have plenty of opportunities to play DOA though. You can usually pick DOA3 and DOA in the last 360 below the £ 10 mark through most retailers used cars, and both DOA DOA 4 and 5 may be purchased for less than 20 pounds. Dead or Alive 5 Last, the latest version DOA is available through Games on Demand for £ 34.99.

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