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The Roku Streambar upstages the Smart Soundbar in connectivity, wide audio

Wide soundstage Roku Streambar $130 at Amazon Pros Optional wired Ethernet connection Bluetooth 5.0 support Cheaper price Side-firing drivers Built-in Streaming Stick+ Alexa, Google Assistant support Cons Smaller speakers Ethernet adaptor sold separately Weaker sound than Smart Soundbar The new Roku Streambar is a compact, 14-inch-long soundbar with two front- and side-firing drivers (four total) designed for a wider audio presence that will permeate through your entire living room. Roku added better connectivity options to your router and smartphone, but it's not a major upgrade if you already own the Roku Smart Soundbar. Larger speakers Roku Smart Soundbar $180 at Amazon Pros Larger speakers for stronger sound More traditional soundbar size Built-in Streaming Stick+ Alexa, Google Assistant support Cons More expensive No Ethernet option The Roku Smart Soundbar justifies its higher price tag with four large full-range drivers that

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