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What else can I do with my Stadia controller?

Best answer: You can use your Stadia controller to play games on PC via Steam. Alternatively, your Stadia controller also works with Xbox Cloud Gaming for Android. Try a new gaming subscription: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($15 at Amazon) Stay charged up: USB-C charging cables ($12 at Amazon) What else can I do with my Stadia controller? Your Stadia controller may not be used for playing exclusive games developed by Stadia Games and Entertainment but it can be used for a few other things. To start, if you still want to play games remotely, you can try Xbox Cloud Gaming for Android . You'll need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, at which point you just pair the Stadia controller to your phone using Bluetooth and you're good to go. Alternatively, you can also use your Stadia controller to play PC games! You'll need a USB-C cable to connect your controller to your PC. You also may need to enable Big Picture Mode in Steam settings in order to let the Steam clie

Google Stadia will lose the game streaming war if it remains valueless

The service isn't dead, but it needs a severe shake-up if it wants to avoid being put on life support. I have admittedly been a Stadia skeptic ever since its announcement. Not because I believed the service would be bad or that it couldn't deliver its promises of instant game streaming, but because I didn't know who it was for . I certainly wasn't its target audience, and I didn't understand what it could offer that other services or consoles couldn't. I still don't, and that makes me feel like Google Stadia will ultimately lose the game streaming war unless it undergoes a major overhaul. Stadia launched as a premium service back in November 2019. Still, it wasn't until recently in February that I got to play using a Buddy Pass — to which I can thank Android Central's own Daniel Bader. Being able to play Metro Exodus immediately, no loading screens or downloads required, felt like I was witnessing magic. It's hard to overstate or even

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