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French contact-tracing app StopCovid has been activated 1.8 million times but only sent 14 notifications

France released StopCovid three weeks ago . The government is holding a press conference today to give an update on the app. In particular, this conference is a good opportunity to share some numbers. Over the past three weeks, 1.9 million people downloaded the app on the App Store or Play Store. Out of those 1.9 million people, 1,814,048 users opened the app and activated StopCovid. You can disable StopCovid and delete your personal data whenever you want. 23,953 people have deactivated the app over the past three weeks. And 460,000 people simply uninstalled the app. Given that the app doesn’t ask you to register with your name and address, the government has little information about who’s using the app and where. The government will run surveys to learn more. Over the last week alone, 190,000 people downloaded the app but “tens of thousands” of people uninstalled it. The government says that people may feel like the coronavirus outbreak is over in France — there are still new ca

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