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The Surface Pro doesn't have an Ethernet port, but these accessories do

If you want a solid and stable internet connection, your best bet most of the time is to go with an Ethernet connection. While some PCs, gaming laptops, and business laptops have built-in Ethernet ports, Surface Pro devices require additional hardware. Luckily, there are quite a few options, ranging from expensive and sturdy docks that create a desktop setup to inexpensive dongles. Products used in this guide Official dock: Surface Dock ($145 at Amazon) Small dongle: Startech USB 3.0-A to ethernet adapter ($22 at Amazon) Fast Ethernet: Amazon Basics Cat-6 Ethernet cable ($7 at Amazon) Desk dock: Kensington Surface Pro Dock ($387 at Amazon) How to add Ethernet to your Surface Dock your Surface Pro into whichever dock or device you have, or connect your dongle to the USB port . Connect an Ethernet cable to your router. Plug the Ethernet cable into your dock or dongle. You don't have to do any software configuration for an Ethernet connection. Generally spe

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