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Thanksgiving sale on Tile item trackers helps you find savings of up to 30%

Losing things can be an expensive habit but one Black Friday deal has arrived early today at Amazon with a solution to that problem that doesn't break the bank. Tile's Bluetooth Item Trackers are the perfect way to make sure you can always find your keys, wallet, or any other important items you can't afford to misplace. Today only, they are discounted by as much as 30%. All of the Tile trackers on sale today are the updated 2020 models. Prices start at just $17.99 for the single Tile Mate tracker or $24.49 for a Tile Pro , and you can save even further by choosing one of the bundles that includes more than one. The prices are a match for the discounts we saw during Prime Day a few weeks back, plus a few extra items are on sale this time, and you don't have to be a Prime member to make the most of the savings in this Thanksgiving sale. There are a few different models of Tile trackers, though the Tile Mate is the most versatile. It has a built-in keyring hole that

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