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MacPaw unveils ClearVPN for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows

"ClearVPN learns user habits and provides shortcuts based on their needs and network specifications" What you need to know The makers of CleanMyMac have unveiled a brand new VPN tool. ClearVPN is a multi-platform VPN with "Dynamic Flow Technology" for improved connectivity. It has a free plan and a premium option for $12.99/month or $93/year. MacPaw, the makers of CleanMyMac, has today unveiled a brand new VPN service called ClearVPN. In a press release Tuesday the company stated: MacPaw, the maker of the CleanMyMac, popular software to clean and protect your Mac, launches ClearVPN, the first truly personalized multiplatform VPN for users who want a more secure and individualized online experience. Available on iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices, ClearVPN features shortcuts for quick content access and lets users browse the web safely and privately without having to pick a server location, thanks to its unique DynamicFlow Technology. Best VPN

What are Mixer Sparks and how do I use them?

Best answer: Sparks are a currency of sorts that you can use in Mixer. There are two ways to get them: by streaming or by watching others stream. With Sparks, you can support partnered streamers, create Teams, launch Skills, and more. Premium experience: Mixer Pro ($8/month at Mixer) Start streaming: Elgato HD60 S ($180 at Best Buy) What are Mixer Sparks? Mixer Sparks are the basic currency used for interactions on Mixer, Microsoft's streaming platform. You earn Sparks for streaming games or for watching other streamers' channels. The base rate you'll earn Sparks at is 50 per minute for watching or streaming. If you subscribe to Mixer Pro, you'll earn 100 Sparks per minute while watching, and if you subscribe to a particular channel, you'll earn 250 Sparks per minute watching that channel. How do I use Mixer Sparks? Sparks can be used on a variety of different things. One of the primary uses is for Skills, which are divided into Stickers, Effects, and

Best Xbox game deals for April: Call of Duty, Monster Hunter, and more

Check out these great deals on Xbox One games. Every week Microsoft and certain publishers discount numerous games for Xbox Live users. Some deals are available only to Xbox Live Gold members and others are available to anyone who utilizes the service through a Spotlight sale. A wide variety of titles, ranging from small experiences to massive blockbusters, are available for substantially less. This week, prominent games from the Call of Duty and Monster Hunter franchises are on sale. Here's a look at some popular discounted titles. You can check out last week's deals here for comparison. See at Microsoft Store Xbox One games Blair Witch Inspired by the cinematic lore of Blair Witch, experience a new story-driven psychological horror game that studies your reactions to fear and stress. Blair Witch costs $17.99 on Xbox One. You can purchase it on the Microsoft Store . The game is Xbox One X Enhanced. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Battle Pass Edition Buy the B

Store unlimited files on the free tier of OneDrive Personal Vault

Although the free version of OneDrive limits you to three files in the Personal Vault folder, you can use this workaround to store as many files as you want. As part of the OneDrive experience, you can also use "Personal Vault," which is a feature designed specifically to store files (such as documents, personal records, pictures, etc.) with sensitive information. The data upload to this area is protected with encryption and using more robust security with two-factor authentication , in addition to the typical sign-in process. The only caveat is that Personal Vault is a freemium feature of OneDrive , which means that anyone can use it, but you'll need a Microsoft 365 subscription to store more than three files. However, if you're up to the challenge of using some extra steps, there's a workaround using a zip container that allows you to upload unlimited files (but limited to your OneDrive storage space) to the vault area using the free version of the Micros

Should you get the touch or non-touch Dell XPS 13?

Best answer: If you're looking to get a 4K display, then you'll want a touch-enabled XPS 13, but without official pen support, the regular non-touch will be better value for most people. People who want to use touch or a pen should get the XPS 13 2-in-1 instead. Touch or not: Dell XPS 13 (From $1,200 at Dell) For inking: Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (From $980 at Dell) Touch adds more to the price It shouldn't be any surprise, but having the XPS 13 with a touchscreen will cost you more than if you go for one without it. The standard choice is the 1080p non-touch display, but this can be configured to a 1080p touch version for an additional $100. The 4K display with touch is also an option now for an extra $300, but it comes standard on the higher-end models in the range, though you can opt to spec it down to a 1080p on some models. The quality of Dell's displays is excellent, whichever you go for, with great brightness and color reproduction across the board. Howev

Protect your Fortnite account, add two-factor authentication

Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the planet and compromised accounts and scams are sadly, a thing. Here's how to protect your Epic account as best you can. Usually, if something looks too good to be true, it is. And this is exactly what's been known to happen with Fortnite, Epic Games' smash-hit with its free-to-play Battle Royale mode. The Fortnite in-game currency, Vbucks, is the only way to buy the cosmetic items, such as outfits, gliders, pickaxes and emotes. But Vbucks cost real money for the most part. What you earn in the game doesn't go that far. Enter the unscrupulous people of the internet and multiple "free-Vbucks, click-here" scams, or nefarious people just flat out hacking and stealing from accounts. Here's an important thing to remember: There are no free Vbucks. Epic Games has confirmed this. Unless you're winning some in a competition from, say, a well-known streamer, or being rewarded directly by Epic Games, the fre

How to remove and replace the Surface Pen's battery

The Surface Pen is an incredibly useful tool and accessory for the Surface Pro, Surface Studio, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book. It's a battery-powered peripheral, meaning at some point the Surface Pen will stop working unless the battery is replaced. Don't worry because changing it is easy. Here's our step-by-step guide to help you along. Note: Make sure you have the correct batteries before you begin. A single AAAA battery is required for replacement, meaning you may have to find replacement batteries online rather than in stores. Products used in this guide Premium inking experience: Surface Pen ($99 at Microsoft) Power that lasts: AAAA Battery ($6 at Amazon) How to remove the Surface Pen battery To remove the Surface Pen battery, follow these simple steps: Pull the top of the pen away from the body of the Pen (you may have to use some force). Pull out the AAAA battery from the body of the Pen. How to insert a new battery in your Surface Pen

Sea of Thieves redefines social gaming in a time of social distancing

A game chat can be scary, but in Sea of Thieves, you kind of need it. It's no secret that Rare's pirate-themed games-as-service title, Sea of Thieves, launched in a rather polarizing state. For many, there just wasn't quite enough content to keep them coming back. Many newcomers had grown accustomed to games telling them precisely what they needed to do and how they needed to play to "have fun." Sea of Thieves, on the other hand, is a social-driven experience quite the contrary. With an emphasis on what the dev team lovingly describes as "tools not rules," it's up to the player to dive into this world and craft their own story, adventure, and ultimately, fun. In the world of Sea of Thieves, traditional content takes a backseat to the thrill of interacting with other players online and how everybody creates an experience. This bold ideology goes against a lot of core principles (or cliches in many cases) of modern game design and forces a certa

The Jabra Elite 65t true wireless earbuds have dropped to $100 today only

The Jabra Elite 65t true wireless earbuds are on sale for $99.99 at Best Buy. This sale is part of Best Buy's Deals of the Day, which means it's a temporary price. The same earbuds go for around $120 or more at most places, and that's even considered a sale at retailers like Target so you could find them going for much more on a regular day. Best Buy's sale only applies to the Titanium Black edition as the others are still going for the $120 street price. The 65t have dual microphone technology and true wireless Bluetooth stability that helps reduce audio drops. They will last up to five hours on a single charge of the battery with an extra 10 hours of battery life within the charging case itself. That means you can spend most of the day no where near a wall outlet and without a charging cable and still listen to your favorite tunes. These headphones also feature one-touch access to Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, which can make your life so much easier when it

Collect your favorite Disney movies with 4K Steelbook editions as low as $5

Best Buy's deals of the day features a selection of Disney movies in the form of 4K Blu-ray Steelbook collectors sets . The movies range in price from as little as $4.99 for the original Frozen to $14.99 for Captain America: Civil War. Many of these sets sell for around $35 to $40 on a regular basis, so you're saving a lot of money today. And it is only today as Best Buy's sales have an expiration date. If you're interested in Disney's animated films, the selection includes the entire Toy Story series, Cinderella, The Princess and the Frog, and much more. The Marvel movies on sale include Iron Man 1-3, Captain American, Captain Marvel, and oithers. Buy some for your kids or start a new collection of your favorite superheroes in 4K form. All of the Steelbook editions come with 4K Blu-rays of the movies in question. They also come with digital copies, though, so if your primary interest is in collecting your favorite films, you can keep the Blu-ray in mint condit

Interview: We sat down with two 5G experts to debunk recent conspiracies

Who knew, 5G has nothing to do with COVID-19 and is actually totally safe... The internet in recent weeks has been awash with harrowing reports of 5G conspiracy theories making the rounds. Whilst there has always been some kind of 5G skepticism lurking in less-savory parts of Facebook and Twitter, the recent COVID-19 epidemic has compounded many people's fears and pushed the narrative into the mainstream media, both in the US and across the pond in the UK. We've heard quite enough about these theories and the tragic material consequences that have unfortunately followed (workers and engineers threatened, the burning of masts, people being cut off from loved ones). Rather than give any more airtime to the nonsense, we sat down with two 5G experts to debunk these myths once and for all. Strap in. The experts Our two heroes are Iqbal Bedi and Saul Friedner. Iqbal is the Director of Intelligens Consulting Ltd , and has worked as a digital and telecoms advisor in both the U

The Amazon Cloud Cam reaches its best price yet for one day only

Amazon's Cloud Cam Security Camera is designed to let you keep an eye on any room of your home no matter where you are, and for just one day only, you can snag one for your home at its best price in history. Woot's one-day deal brings the first-generation Cloud Cam down to just $49.99 while supplies last. That saves you over 50% off its original price of $120, though it's important to note that this model is not compatible with Amazon Key like the most recent model is. This indoor camera has notifications for when it spots activity, a 1080p HD video stream, night vision, two-way audio, and much more. You have access to the last 24 hours of motion alert clips for free and the free Cloud Cam app will push notifications based on the settings you select. Also, the Amazon Cloud Cam can now respond to specific sounds, such as a baby's crying or glass breaking. If you want to save your recorded clips for a longer time, Amazon offers a few different Cloud Cam Plans , star

Take your Surface Pro to new heights with these stands and mounts

Microsoft's Surface Pro lineup has a built-in kickstand that allows you to set it on a table or lap at an angle. It works great this way, but it's kind of limited. The kickstand demands surface area on your desk and can limit your setup, so if you want to get creative, you'll need to add a mount or stand. Whether you'd like to use your tablet in bed, in your vehicle, or just have it sit vertically on your desk, I've rounded up a bunch of the best options right here that will work with the Pro 4, Pro (2017), Pro 6, and Pro 7. Dock and Stand Combo Kensington SD7000 Editor's choice This docking station and stand were designed exclusively for the Surface Pro lineup, and it will transform your tablet into something a lot closer to a Surface Studio. It adds USB-C, four USB-A, Ethernet, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports for excellent connectivity. It allows for dual 4K external displays, and it's built to the same high quality as your Pro, with an articulating h