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Yeelight M2 is a budget LED smart bulb that's easy to set up and use

The Yeelight M2 is brighter, easier to set up, and just as affordable as its predecessor. Yeelight is a Xiaomi-backed lightning manufacturer that makes some of the best LED smart bulbs you can buy today. Yeelight's differentiation comes from the fact that its products are very affordable: the brand routinely delivers bulbs that are identical in quality to Hue smart bulbs for around half the cost. I've used Yeelight smart bulbs for the better part of four years, and they continue to hold up just fine. The brand is now launching its latest LED bulb, dubbed the M2, and the standout feature is Seamless Setup. The bulb is the latest addition to Google's protocol for setting up smart devices with the Google Home app. The Yeelight M2 bulb is easy to set up, and doesn't need a hub to work. With Seamless Setup, it takes just over a minute to set up the Yeelight M2 with Google Home. Just insert the bulb into a socket (it uses the standard E27 socket), power it up, and op