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How to turn on subtitles on YouTube

YouTube is home to millions upon millions of videos, and chances are the number of videos you come across is a fraction of everything. This is because YouTube is also available in other countries where English isn’t the spoken language. This can be an issue if you’re trying to watch a video in a different language but don’t understand what’s going on. Thankfully, subtitles do exist and if you want to be able to understand what’s being said in a video, then here’s how you can turn on subtitles in a YouTube video. Turn on subtitles on YouTube Desktop Go to the YouTube video you want to turn on subtitles for Click the subtitle button Once you click it, subtitles should appear in the video If the subtitles appear aren’t in your language, you can click the gear icon, click on Subtitles/CC and then select your language Mobile Launch the YouTube app Go to the video you want to watch Tap o

YouTube expands ban on Russia's state-funded media worldwide

YouTube is blocking the reach of Russian state media globally after banning RT and Sputnik in Europe. It's escalating restrictions on Russia's reach across the web What you need to know YouTube is blocking access to Russian state media channels across the world. The Google-owned platform cited its existing policy that prohibits content "trivializing" violent events. RT and Sputnik, two of Russia's state-funded media, were banned by the service in Europe more than a week ago. YouTube is taking an even stronger stance against Russia's state-funded media after blocking access to RT and Sputnik's channels in Europe. The service is now extending that restriction globally. The Google-owned platform announced today that it's swinging the ban hammer on Russian state media's YouTube channels, effective immediately. This means RT and Sputnik's channels won't be accessible to YouTube's more than 2 billion users worldwide. The service  cited  its l

YouTube Music and upgraded Spotify app to support offline playback on Wear

YouTube Music and Spotify are bringing quality music experience to Wear. What you need to know Google announced that it's bringing a YouTube Music app to its Wear platform. Spotify is also rebuilding its app from the ground up with support for offline playback. The apps will arrive later this year with the new updates to Wear OS. There was quite a bit that got announced at the Google I/O keynote today, but one of the bigger announcements was around the changes coming to Wear OS , namely, the apps that are arriving on the platform. Spotify and Google are aiming to bring quality music experiences to Wear thanks to their new apps. Spotify already has an app on Wear OS , but the company has announced that it's rebuilding the app experience for Wear. This will include improved performance, smarter handling of playlist syncing, and even offline downloads. The company states that it is working to allow users to download music and podcasts to the Wear app, which could come in

YouTube is experimenting with a language picker in voice search

Shortly after developers started testing an all-in-one record and publish feature in the YouTube app, they added another experiment that will be useful for those of us who prefer to just watch videos. You are working on a button with which you can change the language search languages ​​directly on the input screen. If you are multilingual and want to use voice search, this way you can search for videos that are not available in the language you set up in your YouTube app settings. Google hopes the test will help its voice search systems better consider multilingual people. So I wouldn't be surprised if an automatic solution to recognize different languages ​​is the ultimate goal. Finally, I still think that Google should work to improve the current language bilingual solutions. A blue banner with further details should appear on this screen when you participate in the experiment. As with all of these experiments, the feature is also provided to a small subset of users. You should s

YouTube launches streaming TV service

YouTube will soon offer a streaming TV service for people who don't want to pay for traditional cable.  Google launched YouTube TV on Tuesday, which will cost $35 a month and offer access to content from broadcast networks as well as YouTube.  YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said people around the world watch one billion hours of YouTube content each day, and younger generations don't want to consume television through traditional channels.