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Zoom issues latest security update to improve passwords and more

Zoom is pushing out weekly updates following an alarming number of security issues found on its platform. What you need to know Zoom has pushed out another weekly security update. The latest iteration brings new and improved password requirements. It has also improved meeting ID generation for increased privacy. Zoom has issued the latest of its weekly updates regarding its push to make the platform more secure. Last week, Zoom announced a collaboration with industry security experts from the likes of Netflix, Uber, and EA. Now, we are beginning to see the fruits of those labors. In a blog post on April 14, Zoom announced updates to its password requirements, random meeting IDs and more. From the release: Password requirements: For meetings and webinars, account owners and admins can now configure minimum meeting password requirements to adjust the minimum length and require letters, numbers, and special characters, or allow only numeric passwords. All free Basic accou

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