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Report claims morale at Microsoft's Mixer is at an all-time low

Let's hope Mixer recovers. What you need to know Mixer is Microsoft's livestreaming platform to compete with Amazon's Twitch. According to a report by OnMSFT, employee morale is at an all-time low. The service is run by a skeleton team now. It's unclear if this report is completely accurate, but Mixer definitely has an uphill climb. Today, a report from OnMSFT said that employee morale at Microsoft's livestreaming platform, Mixer, was at an all-time low. Employees are concerned about the future of the service and there are layoffs taking place there. You can read an excerpt that illuminates the situation below. There is also a video that shows a manager being rather disrespectful to employees. Mixer has had a rough few months that involved the original founders leaving the business alongside a general manager and corporate vice president. However, what hasn't been reported is that over the last six months, there have been sixteen layoffs due

Android L reports, accelerating the race to smartphones 64bit

 Mainstream availability expected by the end of 2015  Android device manufacturers may have scoffed at the idea of ​​a smartphone 64-bit when Apple introduced the iPhone 5S last year, but those same hardware manufacturers are apparently tripping over themselves to catch up now. Hit-or-miss DigiTimes has L word next operating system Google Android seems that the timetable for the adoption of 64-bit capable hardware to maximize the operating system moves. According to anonymous industry sources, the 64-bit CPU could become "technology mainstream" to Android smartphones in late 2015 as manufacturers have stepped up their efforts to adopt the fastest architecture. Lenovo, K-Touch, Huawei, HTC Vivo and have all reportedly signed 64 bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 610, 614 and / or 410 processors, designed with rapid migration to Android L in mind. On your marks  64-bit processors from rival MediaTek and Samsung have already started to make their way into the supply chain

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