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How to sell your old smartphone for cash

The iPhone 6 is officially here  Thousands of Houstonians lined the rain to get a Friday . That means a lot of older phones are sitting around collecting dust, but there are ways to quickly turn that old smartphone cash. Bill Hendrix has a trading business in cell phone and said he has seen before: a new model phone is launched and hours later, his shop is flooded with customers. "We will be hit with an avalanche of people," Hendrix said. "People literally walk, tripping over the sidewalk, almost through the glass because they are playing with their new phone." Hendrix specializes in buying and selling used cell phones and the No. 1 question that arises is "What is the value of my phone?" The answer is: it depends. "The phones themselves have become a commodity.'s All based on supply and demand, which changes and all price ranges," said Hendrix. Hendrix said prices change daily, but usually pay between $ 40 and $ 100 for frequentl