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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review: The new flagship killer

Everything you'd expect from a modern flagship without the modern price.For years, there's been a stigma around using plastic designs in high-end, expensive phones. Consumers have come to expect more luxurious materials like metal and glass which, despite being more fragile than plastic, typically have a more "premium" feel.I'm definitely guilty of shying away from devices whose spec sheets feature the word polycarbonate. I was reluctant to try the Galaxy Note 20 for exactly that reason. But once my review unit came in, my concerns surrounding creakiness and a cheap in-hand feel disappeared. Build quality in general has, of course, massively improved since the days when plastic flagships were commonplace, and the Note 20 felt just as solid as any other phone I'd tested in recent memory. The story is the same with the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition — better known as the S20 FE. This phone is the latest in Samsung's crusade to dominate every pricing tier with a well…

Samsung Galaxy S20 sales have reportedly been ‘very disappointing’

Samsung was hoping to ship 32 million Galaxy S20 series phones this year.
What you need to knowSamsung's Galaxy S20 series phones are not selling as well as the company had expected.The Galaxy S20 series has only sold 60% of the number of units the Galaxy S10 series achieved within the same amount of time last year.Official sales numbers for the Galaxy S20 series are expected to be announced by Samsung at the end of this quarter. A report out of South Korea had claimed last month that initial sales of Samsung's Galaxy S20 series phones were significantly lower than the company had expected. Now, a new report by Seoul Economic Daily suggests the Galaxy S20 trio has only sold roughly 60% as much as the Galaxy S10 series in the same amount of time on the market last year.

While exact sales numbers are not yet available, Samsung is likely to reveal official numbers by the end of this quarter. The information certainly isn't shocking, as the coronavirus pandemic has hit the sm…

Selling your Samsung Galaxy phone? Here's how to wipe it clean.

There may be other legitimate reasons to wipe your Galaxy phone and set it back to factory default settings, but the most common case is when you want to give away, sell, or trade it in for a newer model.

Resetting your phone to its default settings is extremely easy to do and should only take you a few minutes. I'll show you how to do this in the steps below. Just remember to back up your device data before you begin!
How to reset your Samsung Galaxy phone to default settingsNote: If you are planning on selling your phone and getting a new Galaxy device, you may want to back up your current Galaxy phone first. Follow these instructions before you begin. Unlock your Galaxy phone (here I'm using a Note 9), and swipe down on the notification settings shade. In the search field, type factory data reset and tap on the result.

Tap on Factory data reset.Read through the long screen explaining what data and what accounts will be wiped clean from the phone.

Scroll to the bottom of the p…

Do you regret buying the Galaxy S20?

Samsung's Galaxy S20 doesn't officially launch until tomorrow, March 6, but a lot of people have been getting their pre-orders ahead of time and been able to play around with the phone quite a bit.

The S20 is a darn good phone, but looking through the AC forums, a lot of our members don't have the best first impressions. In fact, some of them are already talking about wanting to return the phone.

Here's what they have to say:

bhatech 03-04-2020 10:19 AM “ I never regret buying new phones Especially Samsung ones since they have great trade in offers and pre order goodies, and retain value for the next trade in. From what limited time I have, the phone is feeling great to use. Still have to test out the camera. Love the almost flat screen, that's the biggest thing I'm liking lol Reply
JD Moogan 03-04-2020 11:35 AM “ I decided to return my S20 ultra. It’s not a bad device, but for $1400 I was expecting better 5G performance, better in screen fingerprint scanner, and most…

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