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Samsung may kill the Galaxy Note series to focus on foldables next year

There may not be a Galaxy Note 21 or Note 21 Ultra next year. What you need to know A new rumor claims Samsung may not launch new Galaxy Note series phones next year. The company will apparently focus solely on foldable phones in the second half of 2021. Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3 are both rumored to have S Pen support. Last week, Samsung leaker Ice Universe claimed that the company's upcoming Galaxy S21 Ultra will have S Pen support . The leaker has now posted a new tweet saying, "there is currently no information on the development of the Galaxy Note 21 series." An unusual clue: There is currently no information on the development of the Note21 series. — Ice universe (@UniverseIce) November 15, 2020 Max Weinbach, who also has an impressive track record when it comes to Samsung leaks, has posted a list of flagship phones that the company is expected to launch in 2021. Interestingly, the list doesn'

How to fix performance problems on your Samsung Galaxy S or Note phone

Samsung's phones are powerful, but no phone will perfectly perform in all situations, so let us show you how to fix some of the most common Samsung phone problems. As your Samsung phone starts to get old, you may start to see slowdowns a couple of years in with new features and apps. If your Galaxy device is slowing down from time to time, there are lots of things you can do to fix it — here are our top tips. How to fix common Samsung phone problems: Restarting is the first step Sometimes we get so focused on trying to fix a slowdown that we forget about the most basic thing ever: restarting the phone. This is true of any Android phone , not just a Samsung Galaxy device. Yes, it stinks to hear "did you turn it off and back on again?" when you feel like you've already tried things, but this is something you have to do as the first step of your performance issue troubleshooting. Software and apps are supposed to behave themselves, but sometimes they don't

These cases will protect your Note 10 Lite from possible disaster

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite is an intriguing device. It's nestled between the standard Note 10 and the larger Note 10+, for one, but what makes it so interesting is that instead of offering a flagship or even mid-range processor, Samsung included the same chipset from the S9 line. For a device that's as impressive for the price point, you'll want to keep it protected and here are the best cases for the Note 10 Lite. Ultra sleek and slim Spigen Ultra Hybrid Staff Pick The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a bit different in that it focuses both on protection and showing off your Note 10 Lite. With a TPU bumper and PC back cover, your phone is sure to stay protected from life while reminding you how gorgeous Samsung's design is. You will still get easy access to the S Pen, and there are raised bezels around the display and camera cutout to keep the glass off of flat surfaces. $14 at Amazon Real leather Yogurt Genuine Leather Wallet Cover There's just something about a case made

The 10 best smartphone you can buy now

pick the best smartphone in the world is always a) incredibly hard and b) super fun. Fortunately. Since this is an iOS-centric site, you expect a Apple iPhone with the number 1 and they were right. But this is not sycophantic - in my other life as a producer and presenter of the phones show I do regularly top 5 features - and an iPhone is always in the top, because it is a top specced telephone, can be recommended as a response to the question "What should I buy a phone" without real precautions or possible recriminations. There are multiple iPhones here, plus more Android units, of course. And I would like to still stuck in one of the new flagship Lumias, with the exception that you still have a week away. Maybe next time. Oh yes, and its rules of procedure. It would be a bit crazy to allow multiple iPhones in the exact same form factor in the top 10. So I do not allowed me to have both the "6s" and "6", for example. Ditto for the '6s Plus". It

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