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Take your laziness to a new level with this gaming bed... no, seriously

Don't burden yourself with getting dressed or getting up to start gaming. What you need to know Bauhutte has a gaming bed that allows you to game while you're at rest. The bed can be paired with a treat trolley, a gaming blanket, and an elevated headboard. Bauhutte has several other unique gaming accesories to improve your gaming comfort. Is getting dressed and out of bed too much for you in the morning? Do you catch yourself asking, "why can't I play xCloud games on a phone floating above my bed?" Do you want to be able to grab an energy drink or Doritos without moving your legs? Then Bauhutte has a product for you. The Bauhutte gaming bed can be paired with several accessories to provide a complete gaming set up for your bed. The bed works with a gaming desk at the foot of the bed and can be paired with a treat trolley for drinks and snacks, and an elevated headboard for more storage. You can also attach a flexible phone holder to float your p