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Buy a £50 Google Play gift card and get an extra £5 for free at Amazon UK

Give the gift of Google Play and give a little extra for free. If you're stuck for gift ideas going into the holidays, you can never go wrong with gift cards. Even more so in 2020 as we spend more time distanced from our friends and family. And so this early Black Friday promotion from Amazon UK can certainly help out by giving you up to 10% credit for free on top of the purchase of a £50 Google Play gift card. Google Play gift card | Get £5 free credit at Amazon UK $50 at Amazon UK Get £5 additional free credit to spend in the Google Play Store with the purchase of a £50 gift card, a nice 10% additional bonus as we enter the holiday season. The credit will be applied to any purchase over £4.99 in value from the Google Play Store once the code has been redeemed, and is good for apps, games, movies, TV shows and books as well as any in-app purchases and subscriptions. If you can buy it in the Google Play Store you can use the money from this gift card towards it. Bette

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