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Google might face class action lawsuit due to Pixel 3’s hardware defects

The law firm is currently asking Pixel 3 owners to share the problems they experienced and investigating whether or not the defects are hardware related. What you need to know Google may be slapped with a class-action lawsuit by a law firm for the Pixel 3's battery drain and camera issues. The law firm is currently investing whether the defects reported by Pixel 3 owners are hardware related. Some Pixel 3 owners had been complaining about battery issues on Google's support pages since April last year. In February this year, Google started paying out cash settlements for the original Pixel's class action lawsuit . Just two days after sending out settlement checks to Pixel and Pixel XL owners with defective microphones, the company began paying settlement checks to Nexus 6P owners with bootloop issues. It now looks like Google may soon have to deal with another class-action lawsuit due to the battery drain and camera issues plaguing some of its Pixel 3 series phones

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