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Grab the HyperX Cloud gaming on sale headset this Prime Day

Prime Day already has deals on some of the best wireless earbuds out there, but earbuds aren't always the best for longer gaming sessions. That's when a nice headset comes into play. Unless you have a ridiculous setup, your television speakers are likely no match for a dedicated headset that can deliver immersive directional audio. Speaking from experience, there are some noises that I can't hear with my television speakers, but I can with a headset. HyperX offers discounts on several headset models today, including the HyperX Cloud, officially licensed for PlayStation. If the fact that it's a wired connection isn't a deal-breaker, you should absolutely consider picking it up. The HyperX Cloud features 53-millimeter drivers, a detachable microphone, memory foam earcups, in-line audio controls, and an aluminum frame to keep it all together. HyperX Cloud | $30 off at Amazon The HyperX Cloud wired headset is officially licensed for PlayStation and features me

One of the best gaming headsets is discounted for Prime Day

Some of the best PS5 headsets are on sale for Prime Day , so this is the perfect time to pick one up if you're in the market for a new one. Your regular television speakers just can't compare, and a headset is especially convenient if you're gaming early in the morning or late at night and don't want to wake anyone up. When it comes to these headsets, very few beat what SteelSeries offers with its Arctis lineup. The Arctis 3, on sale for $20 off today, is a versatile headset compatible with most systems, including PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and mobile. With its signature ski goggle suspension headband, its comfort is nearly unparalleled. You likely won't find a better headset at just $50. SteelSeries Arctis 3 | $20 off at Amazon SteelSeries makes some of the most comfortable gaming headsets in the business, and the Arctis 3 is no different. Compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, VR, and mobile, you'll be able to use it on almost any device.

Get the best out of your Oculus Quest 2 with these great headsets

While the Oculus Quest 2 has speakers built into its straps, you'll need some of the best Oculus Quest 2 headphones to make the audio as expansive and enveloping as the VR visuals. Even with some of the best Oculus accessories, you can't just use any old headphones you bought for the original Oculus Quest: the Quest 2 has just a single audio jack on its left side, compared to the two jacks of its predecessor. Technically, any headphones with a 3.5mm jack will suffice, but for the best fit, you'll need some that are specifically designed for the Quest 2. Here are the best-wired headphones that fit that description. In ear for the next gen Logitech G333 VR gaming earphones Staff Pick Logitech worked with Facebook to build these headphones specifically for the Oculus Quest 2. They have custom 3.5mm cables with different lengths that you velcro into place on the head strap, so nothing is left dangling that could distract your Quest experience. It also has dedicated audi

Only one Oculus headset is worth buying these days, so which is it?

The best of both worlds Oculus Quest 2 From $299 at Amazon Pros Can be used standalone or with a PC Very high-resolution display Doesn't require external sensors for tracking Modular design with interchangeable pads Hand tracking support Lots of developer support Cons Only 2-3 hour battery life Requires a Facebook account The Oculus Quest 2 represents a true vision for the future of VR from Facebook. It can be used by itself thanks to the powerful Snapdragon XR2 chipset inside, sports the highest resolution display, and has the best built-in speakers on any Oculus headset. It can be optionally used as a PC VR headset and requires no external sensors for room scale tracking. A dying breed Oculus Rift S $299 at Amazon Pros Doesn't need to be charged Easier setup than other PC-only headsets Headstrap design might be more comfortable for some Cons Mediocre built-in speakers No hand tracking Must be powered by a PC No physical IPD adjustment Foam

Review: The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is an excellent headset for PS5

I think this will be my new main headset going forward on PS5 and PC. Razer is well accustomed to making headsets at this point. The company develops a slew of gaming peripherals for console and PC, with its audio devices being standout accessories. I've had a few different variations of the Razer Kraken over the years, and even wrote our Razer Kraken X review (spoiler, it's a fantastic budget headset), but I haven't been able to try any of Razer's wireless options until today. The BlackShark V2 Pro definitely lives up to its $180 price tag. Because the PS5 just launched, I decided to primarily test these out on that console. Though it's clearly more geared towards PC users, the BlackShark V2 Pro handles PS5 audio just fine, and I'd even say probably as good as Sony's own Pulse 3D wireless headset . At a glance Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Bottom line: The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is one of the best headsets I've ever had the pleasure to review. Its

LucidSound LS15X and LS15P headsets for Xbox Series X, S and PS5 revealed

Another option for your future audio needs. What you need to know LucidSound unveiled its new LS15X and LS15P headsets today. These headsets have been specifically designed for the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5 respectively. Both are wireless headsets that tout a 15-hour battery life and 50mm audio drivers. LucidSound revealed its latest line of headsets today with the LucidSound LS15X and LS15P. These new headsets have been specifically built and optimized for the Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S and PS5 respectively. Both headsets have a 15-hour battery life with 50mm drivers and foam memory pads, so they shouldn't be uncomfortable for anyone wearing glasses. They also support Windows Sonic The LucidSound LS15X and LS15P are scheduled to be available later today for $99.99 at various retailers, including directly from LucidSound. We'll provide an update as we find it at different online storefronts. We'll have to see how it pans out in the long term an