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Leaker Predicts WWDC Details: A14, macOS Big Sur, Redesigned UI, iPadOS Improved Hand Writing

In a last minute series of tweets, leaker L0vetodream has posted a number of last minute predictions about WWDC 2020 . Apple's WWDC kicks off on Monday morning with a live stream . A previous series of rumors suggested we'd see no new hardware at WWDC, which @L0vetodream agrees with saying "There will be no hardware tomorrow and Im sure Jon is right". Beyond that the twitter account shares some details about the upcoming announcements. Most specifically, L0vetodream specifies "macOS Big Sur" as the name for macOS 10.16 which will also include a "redesigned UI" and "huge update" for Safari. in my dream,Mac OS big sur, redesigned the Ui, and huge update for Safari — 有没有搞措 (@L0vetodream) June 22, 2020 The other predictions are somewhat more vague, with this year being the "year of A14", Apple's own custom processor. The A13 presently drives the latest iPhones. TV OS and HomeKit integration are mentioned as well a

watchOS 7, tvOS 14, iOS 14 could debut new workout demonstration app

Apple is doubling-down again on health and fitness in its operating systems, and appears to be building an app to help users walk through different workouts, and perform them safely. The app, reportedly called "Seymour," looks to be a separate app from the Activity app. At present, it looks like it will be launched alongside iOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14. It isn't clear how much data the two apps will pass between each other at this time. "Seymour" is said to allow users to download fitness videos, with specific guidance provided on how to get proper credit for completion on the Apple Watch. While the download can be triggered on the Apple Watch, it appears that a larger screen, such as a television with an Apple TV, an iPad, or iPhone will be required to view the videos —which makes sense, given the size of the Apple Watch screen. According to MacRumors who spotted the app on Monday night, workouts included are core training, cycling, strength training

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