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mmWave is incredible, especially when it's not used in 5G phones

There is a lot of talk about how mmWave (millimeter-wave) radio spectrum is the future of 5G cellular networks and how it's a must-have if you want the best Android phone — at least on Verizon. But mmWave signals and spectrum isn't something new and it's not something specifically designed for use in broadband carrier networks; it just happens to do a fair job there, too. Because of the way signals are carried across the mmWave bands, there are plenty of other uses in practical consumer electronics, industrial and military applications, and even some pie-in-the-sky municipal networking systems that we'll never see because of the costs associated with building them out. Remember Wi-Max? What is mmWave exactly? It's common to see articles written about mmWave that don't tell you how or why it works, or at best just give a general idea instead of explaining it. I know I'm guilty of writing some myself. mmWave is a specific area of the radio frequency sp