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Touch ID Setting on your new iPhone 6

  Did you just buy your first iPhone with Touch ID? It's time to put the work feature.   Touch ID Settings   The first time you start an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 5s , you are prompted to create a fingerprint for use with Touch ID . If you want to do this later , enter the Settings application in general> Access code and fingerprint. Either way , the steps are the same. First, you need to enter or set a passcode . Then place your finger on the start button in a vertical direction . By doing so, you will be required to lift and place the finger on the button repeatedly. As it does, a picture of a fingerprint on the screen begin to fill . The first time I did this , I moved too fast and Apple called me to ask me to perform the steps again . A good rule of thumb (nice pun , huh?) Is to lift and support the finger after you hear a slight hum. When this task is complete, will have to do it aga