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Best Android picture collage apps for 2015

Stories Email When something awesome happens, one of the first instincts any smartphone-toting individual has is of course, to immortalize the moment by taking a picture. In most cases, one photo does not do it justice. These photos then populate various social media platforms, usually in albums for all your friends and acquaintances to see. Because posting 10 variations on a particularly well-lit selfie might (or anything similar in theme and composition) might annoy your social followers (and cause your Facebook friends to shake their heads and click the Hide button), photo collages are a great compromise. For platforms like Instagram , one of the best ways to summarize a good day in full is through a photo collage, and in order to post one, you’ll need apps that’ll help you turn a photo square into a tiny scrapbook. In order to help you compose a stunning summary of your memorable moments, we’ve rounded up the best Android picture collage apps that will minimize

How to make Christmas Cards with Wondershare Photo Collage Studio

Christmas Cards is one of the hottest new ways to showcase and share a collection of photos from a special occasion, and can give you photo collage ideas for a whole event. Here’s a short guide to take you through some easy steps to get started on beautiful and photo collages with Wondershare Photo Collage Studio What’s more, magic doodle drawing is a mini tool that lets you customize personalized pieces. You can create transparent drawings that can be added as clip art or images to your photo collage poster. To draw, select the Pencil tool and click and drag on the workspace. You can control the color of the paint as well as the color of the background. To erase any part of your painting, click the Eraser tool and then click and drag over the area. The process of making stunning collage cards are just 5 steps, including print out. learn the creative procession details, you can visit the tutorial of How to Make Holiday Christmas Cards source:

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