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Over 113.8 million PS4s have been shipped

The last update of a generation. What you need to know Sony's Q2 2020 financial results have been shared. Over 113.8 million PS4s have been shipped. Additionally, digital software ratio reached 59%. Sony has shared its Q2 2020 fiscal results for the three months ending September 30, 2020. The Game and Network Services Segment saw an 11% increase to $4.8 billion (506.6 billion yen), with all categories increasing except for sales of PS4 hardware, which is explained with the upcoming launch of the PS5 in November. Sony also notes that first-party software, particularly Ghost of Tsushima , was responsible for bolstering revenue during this quarter. With the PS4 crossing 112.3 million units shipped in the prior quarter , an additional 1.5 million shipped in Q2 mean 113.8 million PS4s have been shipped. PlayStation Plus subscribers increased to 45.9 million, though there was no update on the number of PS Now subscribers . Digital ratio of gaming software was 59%, down from

Get spooked with these great horror games for the PS4

If you're anything like me, then sometimes you absolutely love to get the pants scared off of you with a good horror game. Unfortunately, not all horror games are created equal. There are loads of games intended to give you the creeps, but fall way short. However, some of the best PS4 horror games are also some of the best games that the PlayStation 4 has to showcase. With so many of these games likely to be available on the PS5 , you may want to check out some of these titles, especially with Halloween just around the corner. ★ Featured favorite Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil fans have had a few good years. Resident Evil 7 was a killer return to form that had me feeling equal parts excitement and terror. As if that weren't enough, Resident Evil 2 is an amazing remake of the beloved classic with some new elements mixed in. If you want some great scares and awesome gameplay I suggest picking it up. $26 at Amazon Horrific choices Until Dawn Staff Pick Until Daw

What you can (and can't) do with friends in Genshin Impact

You can play with up to three other friends in Genshin Impact, but not every adventure will be open to you Genshin Impact has resonated with many players for a number of reasons, one of which is that while its visual style and exploration mechanics are familiar to Breath of the Wild players, you can also experience them alongside others. Genshin Impact includes a multiplayer mode where you can play co-op with up to three of your friends and explore the world of Teyvat together. Take your friends to Teyvat Genshin Impact Free on Google Play Free on PS4 A beautiful, collaborative, open-world adventure Genshin Impact puts you in the shoes of the Traveler, a world-hopping protagonist stranded in the world of Teyvat, which is stuffed with elemental magic and mystical beings. As you search for your lost sibling either alone or alongside up to three friends, you'll meet new companions with elemental powers, seven deities, and a strange sprite named Paimon, who will help you ho

PS4 games will soon be available on iPhone and Android smartphones

I’m old enough to remember the first Sony Playstation, and truthfully, I freak out a bit when people tell me their first console was the PS2 or PS3.  Those people actually consider the PS1 “retro”, which means I’m just old. But those people also missed out on some truly incredible Sony games (for that day and age, anyway).  Those games included the PS1 versions Gran Turismo 2, Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid, and more. Of course those gamers who can list the PS2 and PS3 and their first console are quickly aging too. After all, it’s entirely likely that most people in today’s generation will have their first video game experience on a smartphone. Perhaps that’s why it’s so cool to hear the news that Sony has created a gaming division specifically designed to bring its Playstation titles to iOS and Android.  Generation Smartphone will soon be able to experience the “retro” games many of us reading this grew up with. Here’s everything you need to know.