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Galaxy Z Flip review: The best-looking smartphone I've ever used

Buy Galaxy Z Flip Now A clamshell foldable that's designed for the masses and made me fall in love with foldable phones. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: The review Stunning design Excellent display Decent Battery Good Camera Great Performance Sleek Software Is it durable? The verdict: Should you buy it? Foldable phones are mostly fantastic. I use a Galaxy Fold every single day, and while it's a great phone, it's too big for most people. Like a lot of flagships, the Galaxy Fold pushes the boundaries of what is pocket-friendly, and it's a problem affecting more people with every launch, especially as phones like the Galaxy S20 Ultra feature even larger screens than before. Many of my friends lament the days of old where phones were smaller and fit in your pocket. When I showed one of them the Motorola RAZR recently, they fell in love with the small size, before immediately being turned off by the camera and battery life. It's for these types of