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Yakuza 0 full Xbox One achievements list revealed

Yakuza 0 is finally available on Xbox One and it brings with it a number of Xbox Achievements. TrueAchievements just posted the list which you can take a look below. You can look at the secret achievements which possibly contain spoilers on the outlet's website. Name Description Gamerscore Where It All Began Obtain all other achievements. 60 Stuff of Legend Complete the main story on Legend difficulty. 50 President Kiryu Get started with Real Estate Royale. 15 The Promised Land Get 100% share in any area. 15 The Glamorous Life Purchase the most expensive property. 15 A Host of Hostesses Get started with Cabaret Club Czar. 15 Talk of the Town Get over 1,000 fans in any area. 15 You're Still Number One Max out the level of a platinum hostess. 15 Half the Battle Get over 50% on your Completion List. 15 Perfectionist Get 100% on your Completion List. 50 Tell Me a Story Complete 10 substories. 15 Hero of the Story