Computer Solution Companies: All the Services you need in One Place

When looking for a computer solution company to assist with your businesses needs, it’s convenient to find a reliable company who can offer you many of the services, products, and support you need all in one place. Many businesses require a company who can offer them everything from software, products, remote support, on-site support, to domain buying/selling and hosting. It’s also important to find a company who has a good, upstanding reputation, and is licensed in the products and services they offer. You don’t want to use just any company you find an ad for on the Internet, as they might not be reliable, or they might be a scam company all together.

Finding a reputable company is extremely important when it comes to domain resellers and hosting companies. A computer solution company, who offers their clients many different services, find it extremely beneficial to also be able to offer them domain purchasing options at competitive pricing as well as domain hosting options. This eliminates the need for several different companies and simplifies your business. Using one company, opposed to three, four, or even five companies to fulfill all your business’s needs will become invaluable when questions or problems arise.

A company who is licensed to resell and host domains should also be able to offer SSL certificates. SSL Certificates are digital certificates, and they validate the identity of a web site. There are a variety of different types of SSL certificates, and finding the one your company needs may be a bit confusing. For example, if you’re site sells pens as opposed to cars, one is much less expensive than the other. Thus, you would need a much different type of SSL certificate than the car web site would.

Companies who offer these types of services should be able to assist you in finding the right combination for your business needs. Many companies who run their business, or part of their business via a web site, particularly an ecommerce web site, will often require the use of an SSL Certificate. This insures to the web site’s visitors that the web site uses secured features such as product ordering, or submitting confidential information. Many Internet users have become accustomed to the increase in online security. Many of a web site’s visitors will be skeptical of a web site if they do not see the padlock symbol next to a secured ordering icon. The same holds true for the "https" prefix, which is a clear indicator that the web site is secured. This adds increased comfort for a web site’s visitors when they are transferring private and sensitive information across the web, because the information is encrypted when sent to the web server.

The JMOR Connection, Inc. is one of these companies who are reliable, and maintain a great reputation when it comes to the products, services and software that they offer. They are licensed to resell domains, offer hosting options, as well as SSL certificates, to protect your business and keep it up to date with the most current needs demanded by the Internet and its users. They also offer Private Domain Name Registration, which is a service that blocks or hides your registration information from getting into the wrong hands. The email address that is associated with your domain will also change on a regular basis, but will not reference you or your company. Instead, when someone tries to send you an email via this address, it will be forwarded to your real email address, without disclosing this to the sender. Another convenient feature that is offered is the transferring of your current domains to The JMOR Connection, Inc. registrar so all your domains can be managed in one place. This can be done in minutes once you obtain a transfer authorization code from your current domain registrar or ISP.

All in all, it’s best to condense all of your Internet and web site needs into one company when possible. This makes managing your business as simple and easy as possible.

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