Cooliris for Internet Explorer 1.1

Cooliris for Internet Explorer, as the name says, is a plugin for Internet Explorer that provides a lightning fast, cinematic way to discover the web. This plugin actually converts your Internet Explorer window into a 3D Wall and it lets you browse a large number of pictures & videos with ease and speed. It helps you find what you are looking for, faster than the traditional way of clicking the "next" button webpage by webpage. The new version supports a number of customization, you can customize the look and feel of Cooliris - modify the number of rows, background image, wall angle etc. It is also compatible with Windows Vista. A number of new features included in this version like visually searching Google, Youtube and Flickr. It also previews your searched images as a slideshow. It works with thousands of sites across the Web. You can also share stuff with friends by dragging and dropping content from the 3D Wall. You can share as many items as you'd like, and even add a personal message. I recommend it to anyone who use IE as his browser.

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