Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, 5G Galaxy Z Flip will launch in August 2020

Samsung is expected to launch two new foldable smartphones in the second half of the year. An affordable foldable handset model is expected to hit the market next year, industry insiders said on Sunday. Samsung is expected to present the Galaxy Fold 2 and the 5G variant of the Galaxy Z Flip together with its flagship phablet Galaxy Note 20 at an event in August, the news agency Yonhap reported, citing the industry sources. But his affordable foldable smartphone, probably called the Galaxy Fold Lite, is unlikely to make its debut at the event, they said.
The South Korean technology giant was said to have released a version of its foldable smartphone that costs almost half the price of a normal Galaxy Fold. Technical experts have predicted that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a 7.7-inch screen and a 6.23-inch cover display when unfolded, both of which are larger than the 7.3-inch or 4.6-inch displays of the predecessor. Samsung is expected to use ultra-thin glass (UTG) for the Galaxy Fold 2,…

What would I say?: The App that generates Facebook statuses so you don’t have to

App that generates Facebook statuses

New game takes inspiration from your old statuses – and was invented ‘just for fun’ at a US hacking summit

Ever wanted you may instantly appear on Facebook as your
usual funny, sacred and urbane self while not the trouble of truly
coming up with the words?

A team within the North American nation has fancied a replacement app that, thankfully, takes all the total of posting a standing on the social media website.

It works by accessing each previous post a user has ever done, mix all of them up then regurgitating bits of them in associate degree order that (roughly) is sensible.

And it's the dubious another bonus of sounding a bit like you – or a minimum of however you encounter to alternative Facebook users.

“What would I say?” is that the product of a team of techies United Nations agency got along for the Hack Princeton 2013 “hackathon” even over the weekend, an area wherever element and package developers meet to figure on real-life, sensible comes.

“Technically speaking,” the specialists aforementioned of their app, “it trains a Markov larva supported mixture model of written word and unigram possibilities derived from your past post history.”

They conjointly confident users: “Don't worry, we do not store any of your personal info anyplace. In fact, we do not even have a database! All computations square measure done shopper facet, thus solely your browser ever sees your post history.”

Speaking to the New Yorker, the app’s creators – all graduate students at Princeton – said: “We drank lots of occasional and Red Bull and thought of fun things we tend to might program that we tend to might truly complete in an exceedingly day and a 0.5.”

The team behind “What would I say?” didn’t eff to form cash – “This was only for fun,” Ugne Klibaite explained – however once links to the positioning started flooding Twitter feeds they set to place up one in every of their own.

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