What would I say?: The App that generates Facebook statuses so you don’t have to

App that generates Facebook statuses

New game takes inspiration from your old statuses – and was invented ‘just for fun’ at a US hacking summit

Ever wanted you may instantly appear on Facebook as your
usual funny, sacred and urbane self while not the trouble of truly
coming up with the words?

A team within the North American nation has fancied a replacement app that, thankfully, takes all the total of posting a standing on the social media website.

It works by accessing each previous post a user has ever done, mix all of them up then regurgitating bits of them in associate degree order that (roughly) is sensible.

And it's the dubious another bonus of sounding a bit like you – or a minimum of however you encounter to alternative Facebook users.

“What would I say?” is that the product of a team of techies United Nations agency got along for the Hack Princeton 2013 “hackathon” even over the weekend, an area wherever element and package developers meet to figure on real-life, sensible comes.

“Technically speaking,” the specialists aforementioned of their app, “it trains a Markov larva supported mixture model of written word and unigram possibilities derived from your past post history.”

They conjointly confident users: “Don't worry, we do not store any of your personal info anyplace. In fact, we do not even have a database! All computations square measure done shopper facet, thus solely your browser ever sees your post history.”

Speaking to the New Yorker, the app’s creators – all graduate students at Princeton – said: “We drank lots of occasional and Red Bull and thought of fun things we tend to might program that we tend to might truly complete in an exceedingly day and a 0.5.”

The team behind “What would I say?” didn’t eff to form cash – “This was only for fun,” Ugne Klibaite explained – however once links to the positioning started flooding Twitter feeds they set to place up one in every of their own.

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