How to hide information in notification previews on iPhone

hide information in notification previews on iPhone

Notifications on iPhone can become overwhelming with the myriad of apps that kick out alerts. Follow along for how to make system-wide notifications changes on iPhone as well as customizing them for individual apps.

Whether it’s just been a little while since you’ve checked your iOS notifications settings or you’ve never changed anything from the defaults, it’s easy to tune them to your preferences.

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How to hide information in notification preveiews on iPhone

  1. Open Settings and tap on Notifications 
  2. Tap on Show Previews to adjust the default notifications for all apps
  3. Go back to the previous notifications settings screen to adjust the alerts on a per-app basis

hide information in notification previews

If you choose to show notification previews When Unlocked they will show as pictured below on iPhone X:

hide information in notification on iPhone
The first and third images are examples of how notifications will look with previews set to Never. All four images in succession show what it looks like when using When Unlocked and the second and fourth images show what to expect when using Always.

By default on iPhone X, notifications are set to When Unlocked.

Once you’ve decided on your default for all apps, be sure to take some time to go through individual apps to customize notifications even further.

Just recently, an iOS bug was discovered that allows Siri to read hidden message content. This will likely be solved soon with an upcoming update.


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