Fortnite Mobile: How to download Fortnite for iOS and Android

If you're looking for a fun gaming fix on the go, why not Fortnite for mobile?
The Epic Games Battle Royale shooter has been available on both iOS and Android devices since 2018. It has transferred the popular game to a wide range of pocket-sized smartphones and tablets.
Getting Fortnite on the phone was a breeze. Fortnite Battle Royale's runaway success, with 100 players appearing as the last fighters on an island map, has already been very successful on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
Fortunately, Fortnite's cartoon art style can also be easily scaled down to smartphone screens that have never been as competitive as online games - with a goal support option for Fortnite cellphone gamers who mourn the loss of detail at this smaller size.
So Fortnite Mobile is a real thing, and if you're reading this, it's because you want to jump right into the Epic Games mobile game. To that end, we've put together a step-by-step guide to starting your Fortnite mobil…

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass revealed - Watch Fortnite's Season 6 'Darkness Rises' Trailer Right Here

Season 6 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is finally here, and changes are afoot. Servers are down at the time of this writing, but the patch is live and Epic is already starting to show off some of what it's got in store for the coming weeks. 

Season 6 is looking a whole lot like Halloween, with a Haunted Castle, Corn Fields and "corrupted" areas. As usual, the developer is showing off a cinematic introduction to the new season before the servers go live, so let's check that out.

The tagline is "Darkness Rises:"

So, as it turns out: the Cube was indeed evil. The corruption it spread by melting it to Loot Lake caused a kind of Haunted Castle to rise out of the water, menacing purple lightning and all. The lifeguard skins from Season 6 are somewhat surprised, but Skull Trooper seems here for it. Also, Skull Trooper is back in the mix.

You don't see a ton in the opening trailer, but what we can so far shows off a much more consistent theme than what we saw last season with time travel/summer fun/California/whatever. It looks like we're dealing pretty firmly with a Halloween theme, or at the very least a"spooky" theme to go along with Halloween. 

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Which is great for Fortnite: the game has done well so far by giving the art team free reign to make the wackiest skins it can imagine, but that's sort of the beauty of Halloween: basically any sort of costume fits in with the theme, at least to some degree. That Werewolf remains one of the cooler skins we've seen so far.

So that's what we can see right now! Servers should be back up soon, and when they come back online we'll get our first complete look at the battle pass cosmetics, new map changes, items and more. So far I have a much clearer idea of what's going on than I ever did with Season 5, and that's a good thing in my book. 

We'll see what the game has in store not just today but over the course of the next 10 weeks as Epic continues to experiment with its changing map and in-game storytelling.

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass revealed

Fortnite’s brand new season is here, and that means a new Battle Pass full of cosmetic goodness is coming along with it.

This season’s Battle Pass arrives with a fresh Halloween horror theme, which doesn’t quite fit the speculation players were laying out prior to Season 6’s release on Thursday morning. Aside from the brand new theme, which is pretty different from Season 5’s historical-ish theme and Season 4’s superheroes, it appears that the Battle Pass looks pretty similar to what players are used to.

The pass offers players 100 unlockable tiers with more than 100 items. The unlocks are gained by earning battle stars which players get either through completing challenges or earning experience in the Battle Royale matches they play.


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