Check for this Roku SE media streaming player for just $17 at your Walmart

Roku released a special edition of its Roku media streaming player called the Roku SE just in time for Black Friday. This device is sold exclusively at Walmart although you can find it on third party markets at other retailers. It looks like the Roku SE is in stock at some Walmarts right now, and you should check to see if you have one available near you. Shipping may or may not be available, but even if it's not you'll probably have better luck with in-store pickup. Hopefully you'll get one or the other, but that's why we call this a "Your Miles May Vary" deal because you might not be so lucky. If it's available, you should grab it because it's easily the most affordable Roku device around.

Whatever the device itself is capable of, it automatically wins because it gives you access to the full Roku content library. That's more than 500,000 movies and TV shows. You get hundreds of channels including free TV, live news, sports, and more. Watch all your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more like Peacock from NBC. The platform is regularly updated and easy to use.

The other thing is that you can use the Roku SE in conjunction with the free Roku app on your smartphone. This gives you a lot of extra features, too. You can use your smartphone like a remote to search for content. You can also enable private listening by listening to the content playing through headphones connected to the app.

To get the content, all you have to do is connect the Roku SE with the included HDMI cable. The setup becomes super simple then with step by step guides. Whether you're brand new to setting up things like this or a seasoned pro, the Roku SE makes it easy and puts everything at your fingertips.

Source: androidcentral

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