Check out 12 minutes of new Demon's Souls PS5 gameplay footage

A whole world of terror and darkness has been remade.

What you need to know

  • PlayStation has shared a new State of Play focused on Demon's Souls PS5 remake.
  • There's about 12 minutes of gameplay footage, with narration from creative director Gavin Moore.
  • TDemon's Souls is set to be released on November 12, 2020.

The Demon's Souls PS5 remake is almost here and with no warning, PlayStation has shared an impromptu State of Play presentation with 12 minutes of Demon's Souls gameplay. This new PS5 footage is narrated by Gavin Moore, creator director of the game at Sony Japan Studio.

We've now had multiple gameplay trailers, insight into the rerecorded soundtrack and confirmation of how there's no sixth archstone. Enemy AI has been kept completely intact while bugs have been fixed and the number of healing items players can hold has been slightly tweaked. The character creator has been greatly expanded, while there's also a photo mode for capturing all types of unique shots.

Demon's Souls could be one of the best PS5 launch games when it launches on November 12 alongside the PS5 in certain regions, with a global launch on November 19. Our PlayStation lead, Jennifer Locke, wrote in her PS5 review that the leap in immersion and gameplay experience provided makes it impossible to go back to the PS4.

The remake

Demon's Souls

The one that started it all

If you like Souls-like then you have Demon's Souls to thank. If you want to play this cult classic, you soon will be able to thanks to a PS5 remaster launching with the console. It's available for pre-order now.

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