Walmart is making returns 'super-easy' this holiday season

You no longer have to leave home to return an item you purchased online from Walmart.

What you need to know

  • You can now return items purchased from Walmart without having to leave your home.
  • Walmart's new Carrier Pickup by FedEx service, which can make unwanted gifts "magically" disappear, also happens to be free.
  • You will be able to start a return online on or via the Walmart app on your phone.

Just ahead of the busy holiday return season, Walmart today announced that it is making returns easier than ever for its customers. You will now be able to return any item that you purchased from Walmart, without having to step out of your home.

The retail giant has announced a new service called Carrier Pickup by FedEx, which it says will make unwanted gifts "magically" disappear. Not only does the service make it much easier for you to return unwanted gifts to Walmart, but it is also free and will continue to be available even after the holiday season is over.

You can create a return request for any item that you purchased online from Walmart on or the Walmart app. To get started, select "Drop off at FedEx" as the return method. Next, get a return code / QR code. In case you don't have a printer to affix the return label, you can take the package to any FedEx Office location with the QR code. A FedEx associate will then scan the QR code, print a return label, attach it to the box, and ship it back to Walmart.

Even if you purchased an item in-store or from a third-party vendor, you can still start a return online, making returning at the store quicker and easier. Walmart is also opening an alternate location within its stores to make returns and help maintain social distancing.

Walmart says refunds for online returns will be credited to customers' payment account as soon as the next day. For in-store returns, the refunds will be credited the same day. Most of the returned items will be recycled to produce plastic resin, which can be reused to manufacture various products. The retail giant says it has been able to produce around 1.9 million pounds of recycled plastic resin this year, which will be reused to manufacture over 9.2 million new products.

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