After just buying Fitbit, Google wants to know how you feel about Wear OS

Google is playing coy when it comes to Wear OS.

What you need to know

  • Google is surveying users about their thoughts on Wear OS.
  • The survey is apparently difficult to read if Dark Mode is enabled on your smartphone.
  • Google recently completed its purchase of Fitbit

There's little question that Google's Wear OS platform could use some work. Every so often, Google will update the OS in an attempt to revitalize interest and breathe life back into it. Last year saw a few promising things announced for Wear OS smartwatches, and Google's recent purchase of Fitbit gives users some hope that the company may be focusing its efforts back in the wearable space. Now, a new survey from Google also has users thinking that Google could soon be turning a new leaf.

Users on Reddit pointed out a new survey being pushed to their phones that read "help us improve Wear OS by Google?" When users tapped the notification, they were presented with one question, asking how satisfied they were with their smartwatch. It seems not every Wear OS user is getting the survey at present time, and even those that did were met with a seemingly blank survey, at least the ones that had their phones on Dark Mode. Apparently, Google didn't consider how the text would be displayed in this setting. But fear not, as 9to5Google replicated the survey with one of their own.

Those who filled out the survey were then taken to a questionnaire on a Google doc, asking for their participation in a study on their habits with wearable technology.

It's certainly interesting to see Google taking even the slightest interest in Wear OS, although many may consider its recent efforts too little, too late. Its offerings are often flanked by those from Samsung and others when it comes to the best Android smartwatches. Hopefully, acquiring Fitbit will rejuvenate efforts to improve its OS and better compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

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Source: androidcentral

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