Google suspends Donald Trump’s YouTube channel

YouTube says Trump's channel will not be allowed to upload new videos for at least a week.

What you need to know

  • YouTube has suspended President Trump's account for violating its policies.
  • Donald Trump's channel is temporarily prevented from uploading new content.
  • The move comes after the President's account was permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook announced an indefinite suspension of his account following riots at the U.S. capitol.

Last week, Twitter permanently suspended Donald Trump from its platform after a review of his recent tweets and the context around them. On the same day, Facebook announced that it is banning Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely. In view of concerns about the "ongoing potential for violence," YouTube has finally decided to remove new content uploaded to Donald Trump's channel.

YouTube says Trump's channel will not be allowed to upload new content for a "minimum" of 7 days. In addition to barring new uploads, YouTube has also indefinitely disabled comments on the channel over safety concerns.

The move comes after U.S. civil rights groups threatened to organize an advertiser boycott against YouTube if it did not take down President Trump's channel. Eight new videos were uploaded to Trump's YouTube channel earlier this week, including one in which he told reporters that "Big Tech has made a terrible mistake" by blocking him.

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