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Does Mint or Metro make better use of the T-Mobile network?

Great family value

Metro by T-Mobile

From $30/mo. at Metro by T-Mobile


  • Great family savings
  • No overage charge
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 5G included for free
  • Amazon Prime included with Unlimited


  • More expensive

Metro by T-Mobile is a great option for someone that needs a lot of data. Even Metro's largest unlimited plans can be a great value for the entire family thanks to the fourth line being essentially free. With 15GB of hotspot data on top and Amazon Prime thrown in, Metro is a great family value.

Bulk savings

Mint Mobile

From $15/mo. at Mint Mobile


  • Free calls to Mexico and Canada
  • No overage charge
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 5G included for free
  • international roaming options


  • No multi-line discounts
  • No stores for support

Mint Mobile manages to keep prices lower by selling service in chunks of three, six, or 12 months. With an array of plans that have plenty of data for most people, Mint Mobile is a great choice for someone that only needs one line. Mint Mobile also has an unlimited plan with up to 35GB of high-speed data.

Both networks run on the same T-Mobile network so you can expect very similar levels of performance so it really comes down to price and features. 5G is supported on both carriers if you've got a capable phone. For only one line, Mint Mobile is undoubtedly the better value. However, the key features that keep Metro by T-Mobile out front are the savings for multiple lines, that you don't have to buy in bulk, and the extras bundled in with the unlimited plans.

Mint Mobile vs. Metro by T-Mobile Buying in bulk saves money

There really is no getting around how much money you can save with Mint if you are willing to buy six or 12 months. If you only need service on one line, Mint stays ahead, although Metro by T-Mobile makes a comeback with its discounts for multiple lines. Both carriers offer an unlimited plan with 35GB of data before interruption but while Mint Mobile throttles your data, Metro deprioritizes it meaning you can still get very fast speeds in off-peak hours.

Metro by T-Mobile Mint Mobile
Network T-Mobile T-Mobile
Minimum period 1 month 3 months
Maximum period 1 months 12 months

Mint Mobile's best value comes out when you buy six months or a year of service upfront. Metro on the other hand makes the most sense with several lines thanks to great multi-line discounts. Both carriers offer plenty of data for most people with solid discount options.

Mint Mobile vs. Metro by T-Mobile What to know about Mint's plans

Since you buy Mint Mobile service for three or more months at a time, your cost will be higher right off the bat. Even so, broken down monthly, the cost will be lower than most other cell providers. The more time you are willing to buy at once, the more you stand to save. Just be sure to take advantage of the seven-day money-back guarantee in case you find that Mint Mobile doesn't meet your needs.

Mint's Unlimited plan is a good fit for heavy users but keep in mind that it only comes with 35GB of high-speed data. While this is plenty for most people, if you go over, you'll see your download speeds plummet. The unlimited plan also only comes with 5GB of hotspot data and limits video streams to SD quality. Still, this can be a great fit for a lot of people.

4GB 10GB 15GB Unlimited
3 months (introductory price) $15/mo. ($45) $20/mo. ($60) $25/mo. ($75) $30/mo. ($90)
3 months $25/mo. ($75) $35/mo. ($105) $45/mo. ($135) $40/mo. ($120)
6 months $20/mo. ($120) $25/mo. ($150) $35/mo. ($210) $35/mo. ($210)
12 months $15/mo. ($180) $20/mo. ($240) $25/mo. ($300) $30/mo. ($360)

You can add more high-speed data at a rate of $10 for 1GB or $20 for 3GB if you run out. You can also upgrade to the next plan up if you feel you'll need more every month in the middle of your billing cycle.

Mint Mobile vs. Metro by T-Mobile What to know about Metro's plans

Metro's plans are more traditional in design. You can save money by adding more lines to your account where each additional line costs less than the previous up to five lines. The 2GB plan is the most barebones and doesn't offer any extras like a hotspot. You also can't add international calling features. Most smartphone users will want to step up to a plan with a larger data package.

Both of the unlimited plans get you a ton of data on your phone but the addition of Amazon Prime alongside 15GB of additional hotspot data on the $60 plan can make it a better deal for people with another device such as a tablet. If you already pay for Amazon Prime, the difference in cost pays for itself easily. This plan is also a great fit for families thanks to a steep discount on the fourth line making it the same cost as three lines.

High-speed data 2GB 10GB Unlimited Unlimited
Line 1 $30/mo. $40/mo. $50/mo. $60/mo.
Lines 2-5 NA $70, $100, $130, $160 $80, $110, $140, $170 $90, $120, $120, $150
International addons NA Available Available Available
Extras NA Music Unlimited 5GB Hotspot
100GB Google One
15GB Hotspot
100GB Google One
Amazon Prime

Mint Mobile vs. Metro by T-Mobile International options?

If you're calling outside of the country both Mint Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile have you covered. Conveniently, Mint Mobile offers free calling to Mexico and Canada and supports calling to 160 other countries paid by the minute. The rates vary by country and you'll need to add money to your Mint account before calling, but it's nice to have the option available.

Metro by T-Mobile loses the edge here but there are still options. You can add a package to get these features. Mexico and Canada calling can be added for $5 each but you'll need to check other countries individually to see which plan you'll need. The Mexico and Canada packages also come with 5GB of roaming data making it a good option for someone that travels to one of these countries frequently.

If you're traveling, Mint Mobile has some options for you while Metro by T-Mobile only really has good support for Mexico and Canada. If you bought one of the best Android phones unlocked, you could easily get a travel SIM or a carrier with better international support if you have the need down the road.

Mint Mobile has reduced rates for Mexico and Canada at $.02 per text, $.06 per minute, and $.06 per MB. The other supported countries are more expensive at $.05 per text, $.25 per minute, and $.20 per MB. If you're traveling for an extended period of time it may be worth it to grab a travel SIM card when you get there.

Mint Mobile vs. Metro by T-Mobile The same T-Mobile network

Both Metro by T-Mobile and Mint Mobile use the T-Mobile network, so you can expect the same level of performance from the two with some possible slight speed differences based on deprioritization. Still, both LTE and 5G support are here for either carrier and T-Mobile has been adding speed and coverage to its network consistently for years.

If you are going to use the T-Mobile network at all, it's a good idea to have a phone that supports T-Mobile's band 71, which has a better coverage range than their older LTE bands. Getting a phone with sub-6 5G on T-Mobile's network will give you the best coverage and speed options especially as T-Mobile continues to add capacity and coverage with standalone 5G. Look for support for bands n71 (600MHz) and n41 (2.5GHz). Luckily, that's most 5G phones from 2020 or later.

Mint Mobile vs. Metro by T-Mobile Most phones will work

Both of these carriers can accept GSM unlocked phones. If you want to buy a phone from Metro by T-Mobile you can find a selection on its website. Mint Mobile is also happy to sell you one from its website since it doesn't have any storefronts.

Both carriers have a good selection of phones from the new Samsung Galaxy phones and Google Pixel phones to the newest iPhones. There are also plenty of options for mid and low-end devices which are a great way to save some money on a secondary line or if you don't think an expensive phone is a worthwhile investment.

There are a ton of phones that work with Mint Mobile and pretty much all of them will work with Metro by T-Mobile as well. If you want to get in on 5G, you're going to pay a bit more upfront but unlocked 5G phones are getting more affordable all the time. Just make sure they work with at least bands n71 and n41 for the best possible results on the new T-Mobile network.

Mint Mobile vs. Metro by T-Mobile Which works best for you?

Mint Mobile is a great option for those looking for ways to save on data especially if they only use a few gigabytes every month. While Mint's unlimited plan goes a long way to narrowing the gap for heavy users, Metro by T-Mobile is still the better choice for those that need 35GB of data or more thanks to using deprioritization as opposed to throttling for the heaviest users. Metro holds onto the edge thanks to its steep family discounts and the included Amazon Prime subscription.

Great family value

Metro by T-Mobile

Tons of data for heavy users

From $30/mo. at Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile's plans are great for heavy users that want to forget about data caps. Multi-line discounts help you save.

Bulk savings

Mint Mobile

Bulk pricing for everyone

From $15/mo. at Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers enough data for most users with great prices. If you buy the whole year you can save some serious cash.

Source: androidcentral

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