(Why) do you think the Google Pixel's popularity is plummeting?

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Here at Android Central, we love the Google Pixel and consider it among the best Android phones available. From its unbloated, easy-to-use implementation of Android, to its continuous feature and security updates, to its amazing camera system, it's not hard to see why devices like the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a are among our top recommendations.

A recent report has come to light that suggests the Pixel phone's popularity is waning, at least, among people considering sticking with the brand come upgrade time. Our AC forum members quickly picked up on this topic, and a lively discussion ensued.

I Can Be Your Hero
03-19-2021 01:04 AM

https://ift.tt/38OIF7u "GOOGLE USERS We asked Google users whether they intend to stay with their current brand or switch to a different one the next time they upgrade, and we found out that: 65.2% of current Google Pixel users intend to stick with the brand the next time they upgrade, which is down 18.8% from 84% in the 2019 survey But 34.8% said...

03-19-2021 01:15 AM

That doesn't reflect those coming to Google from other brands, which I did, because the Pixel 5 is perfect for me

I Can Be Your Hero
03-19-2021 01:49 AM

Article talks about moving from phones. "46% of iPhone defectors would switch to a Samsung handset, while 35% would instead get a Google Pixel device." "A majority of Samsung defectors (53%) would get an iPhone, while 24% would instead get a Google Pixel device." So seems like most consumers would consider moving from their phone would consider either an iPhone or Galaxy before a Pixel...

03-19-2021 08:21 AM

Have you guys seen the pixel4a sales? They are through the roof so I'm confused why would the percent drop lol if it has been blooming all of 2020. #justsaying

03-19-2021 09:33 AM

I've always had pixel since 2xl,3xl,4xl and 5 and I'll continue with pixel brand going forward.


We want to hear from you — Do you see the Pixel's popularity plummeting among Android faithful? If so, why do you think that may be?

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