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Get more out of your Ring cameras with these accessories

Ring security cameras are a great way to make your home smarter and a bit safer, and if you want them to operate at their full potential, you'll want to pick up some of these best accessories for Ring cameras and video doorbells. All Ring Cams and doorbells have mounting kits, but you can do a lot better. Mount your devices higher or more securely, stock up on batteries and chargers to keep your cameras running for longer, and pair your security system with some nifty smart home tools. Take a look at all of these great accessories available for the various Ring camera models!

Power of the sun

Wasserstein Solar Panel Compatible with Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Staff Pick

While there is a version of the Ring Spotlight camera that comes with its own solar panel, this is an excellent upgrade for those that started with a battery-powered version. The panel connects to the battery inside your Ring camera, so even if it's a gloomy day, your camera will have enough juice to keep going. It comes in black or white, and there are screws included to keep it in place.

$40 at Amazon $40 at Best Buy

Better battery

Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack

It never hurts to have a spare battery for your Ring products. This kit includes a rechargeable battery pack and a USB charging cable. The battery should last six to twelve months, though it takes seven hours to recharge. One of the best accessories for Ring cameras, it's compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell (Gen 1, 2, 3, and 3 Plus), Peephole Cam, Stick Up Battery Cam (2nd and 3rd Gen), Solar Floodlight, and Spotlight Cam Battery.

$30 at Amazon $30 at Best Buy

Charge up

Charging Station Compatible with The Rechargeable Batteries for Ring Spotlight Cam

If you like to keep backup batteries ready to replace ones that have run out of power, this little charging station is a perfect accessory. It is compatible with batteries that come with the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, Ring Doorbell 2, and the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery. Even better, you can charge two batteries at a time!

$13 at Amazon $13 at Home Depot

"Someone's at the door!"

Ring Chime

Wired Ring Video Doorbells will typically disable your home's doorbell chime. The Ring Chime solves this problem, audibly notifying you that someone's at the door with a customizable sound of your choosing. You can even use it with a Ring Camera if you don't own a Doorbell, chiming in case your phone notification isn't near enough to hear.

$30 at Amazon $30 at Best Buy

Simple deterrence

Ring Security Yard Sign

Don't underestimate the power of a simple yard sign to let intruders know they should look for another house to target. Pair your Ring Cameras with the official sign on your front lawn. If you're willing to spend extra, you can even buy the solar-powered version that lights up at night, so it remains fully visible.

From $15 at Amazon From $15 at Best Buy

Make sure no one's watching

Privacy Kit for Ring Indoor Cam

Not many indoor cams have physical camera shutters, which give you peace of mind that your cameras aren't currently recording during private moments. This easily installed kit attaches to your Ring Indoor Cam, giving you a hard on/off switch for the camera and a lens cover you can slide on or off.

$10 at Amazon

See who's knocking

Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) - HD smart display

As Ring is an Amazon-based company, its cameras incorporate very well with Echo devices. For example, the latest Echo Show 10 lets you quickly call up a live view of any camera or automatically see your doorbell feed when it detects motion; you can then talk to the person on camera through your Echo Show 10, without having to go to the door.

$250 at Amazon $250 at Best Buy

Smart lock with Ring compatibility

Schlage BE489WB Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock

The Schlage Encode smart lock is an official Works with Ring device. When you look at your camera or doorbell live view in the Ring app, you can lock or unlock the door in-app instantly; or you can ask Alexa to lock it after seeing someone approaching on your Echo Show. It also lets you set up guest codes, has a tamper alarm, and is easy to install.

$249 at Amazon

3-in-1 chime, extender, and night light

Ring Chime Pro

Your outdoor Ring cams may have trouble communicating with your router, depending on how far out you place them or how thick your walls are. The Ring Chime Pro solves this with a built-in wifi extender that pushes your range out to 2000 feet. Plus, it gives wired doorbell owners the replacement chime they need.

$50 at Amazon $50 at Best Buy

Better angles

Ring Video Doorbell 3/Plus/4 Corner Kit

This corner kit angle mount from Ring allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your Ring Video Doorbell from 15 to 30 degrees so that no matter how your front door is configured, you will be able to have a good view of the front stoop. Ring also makes versions compatible with other models like the first and second Gen, Pro, and 2021 Wired video doorbells.

$20 at Amazon

About face

Ring Video Doorbell 3/Plus/4 Faceplates

If you're looking for an extra bit of flair or personality to match your home, then check out one of these beautiful aftermarket faceplates from Ring. These are all compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell 3, 3 Plus, and 4 and come in 16 different color options. Give your doorbell a bit of personal flair!

$15 at Amazon

In the gutter

Wasserstein Weatherproof Gutter Mount Compatible with Ring Spotlight Cam

This mounting kit for the Ring Spotlight Cam helps you easily hang your camera in a convenient place with great viewing angles, all without drilling holes into the exterior of your home. With a 360-degree swivel and 180-degree tilt, your camera won't miss anything!

$18 at Amazon

Solar supercharge

Ring Super Solar Panel

A standard solar panel works fine for sunny environments and cameras that only get activated a few times a day. But for cloudier climates or more active battery-powered Ring Cams, consider this enlarged model. Ring says any cam that activates 11 or more times per day and gets less than 6.5kWh per meter squared per day would benefit from the Super Solar model.

$100 at Amazon

Knock-knock, who's there?

Echo Dot (Gen 3)

While the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) won't let you see who's at the door, it does enable two-way talk with your Ring Video Doorbell. You'll receive audio notifications when motion is detected, or a package is dropped off, so you know to double-check your phone's Ring app or lookout to see who's lurking. This option gives you Alexa tools at a much lower price than an Echo Show.

$35 at Amazon

Protect against doorbell theft

Tamper-Proof Cover for Ring Video Doorbell 2/3/Plus/4

Some thieves' first step is to rush up to your front door and remove your Video Doorbell before it can identify them. But with this tamper-proof cover, your Ring Video Doorbell can't be removed without a key, and you can add a padlock for extra security if you want. The mechanism surrounds the doorbell so it can't be yanked off.

$25 at Amazon

Unlimited power

Alertcam Power Adapter for Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

This power adapter from Alertcam will ensure that you never have to worry about charging your Ring camera's batteries again. It comes with a 25-foot, weatherproof cable to keep your Ring Spotlight Cam Battery continuously powered up. So it shouldn't be hard to snake it to an available power outlet in your home.

$20 at Amazon

Better mounting options

Alertcam Ring Mount

If the mount included with the Ring camera doesn't let you angle it exactly how you want, this mount from Alertcam is an excellent replacement. You get enough screws, bolts, and nuts to work with most of the Ring cameras, but you'll still need a drill and screwdriver to get everything in place. Once it's in place, you can adjust the camera vertically and horizontally so it gets the best view of your yard.

$14 at Amazon


Meffort Silicone Cover Case for Ring Camera

If you're getting a bit too much glare on your footage — or just want an extra bit of weather protection — this cover is for you. It's just a simple piece of black silicone, no different than what you'd use on your phone or tablet. It provides a hood around your camera, so the glare from the sun won't be a bother, and raindrops will drip right off, keeping your video feed pristine. This specifically works with the wired version of the Spotlight camera, not the solar or battery-powered versions.

From $13 at Amazon

Stay protected with the best accessories for Ring cameras

Ring Cams are relatively affordable for what they offer, but Ring achieves these low prices in part by limiting the accessories that come with them. That means Ring Cam and Ring Video Doorbell owners are likely to miss out on some useful tools for mounting, protecting, or recharging their security cams. Hopefully, our list of the best accessories for Ring will help you augment your home security system.

If you have a battery-powered camera, the Wasserstein Solar Panel will ensure you never have to worry about a dead battery or routing a long power cable again — though you may want the Super Solar Panel option if you don't get enough sun. Otherwise, you can stock up on Ring Rechargeable Battery Packs and keep them topped off with a Charging Station, so you can quickly swap in a full pack without having to unmount your camera from the gutter or ceiling.

As for your Ring Doorbell, it'll greatly benefit from a Corner Kit to improve its field of view or a tamper-proof case to keep it locked securely on your wall. Plus, you can give it a snazzier appearance with some faceplates and make sure you notice people are outside with a Ring Chime.

Otherwise, make sure to check out some of the other best Ring products to expand your home security system. And if you do end up grabbing an Echo Show, look at our guide on how to use the Echo Show with a Ring Video Doorbell.

Tom Westrick and DJ Reyes contributed to an earlier version of this article.

Source: androidcentral

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