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Best Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 Deals

The Oculus Quest 2 might ship with everything you need to use it but, to get the very best experience, there are a few extra accessories that you've definitely got to have. Thankfully, Black Friday is making the quest to get a better Quest 2 experience cost less than ever. Whether you're looking to get a more comfortable head strap, some great in-ear headphones, controller grips, or even just a charging dock, these are the best deals you'll find.

Oculus Quest 2

From $299 at Amazon From $299 at Best Buy From $299 at Walmart

The Oculus Quest 2 is the latest standalone VR headset from Facebook, and it offers a compelling way to get into VR gaming and apps without all the hassle and expense of a PC. This year, Facebook replaced the old 64GB SKU with a new 128GB model, doubling the storage capacity without changing the price.

The Oculus Quest 2 is an excellent standalone headset, but you can make it even better with the right accessories. From keeping your controllers charged up to keeping your headset protected, there are plenty of sales to take advantage of throughout Black Friday.

Get it all...for less

Simply travel pack | 40% off

$30 at Amazon

No matter what you need to make your Oculus Quest 2 experience better, this travel pack from Simply has, well, simply everything. Normally $50, this 40% off sale makes it a fantastically affordable $30 ensuring that you'll be getting everything you need without breaking the bank.

Extra comfort

Ecger Controller Grips And Silicone Pad | 21% off + 15% off with coupons

$27 at Amazon

Having a silicone pad and controller grips will significantly enhance your comfort level when playing in VR, and Ecger's combo pack is on sale big time at Amazon. These controller grips will make the controller even more comfortable, the straps will keep your controllers attached to your hand even when you let go, and the silicone pad will hug your skin comfortably, even while sweating. Be sure to clip the coupon and apply the promo code on the page for all those beautiful savings.

Hear it better

KIWI Design Quest Earmuffs | Extra 20% off with coupon

The Quest 2 has better built-in speakers than the original Oculus Quest, but the speakers still don't sit right up against your ears. These earmuffs help cradle the sound from leaking out and keep it traveling to the place where it's most effective — your ears. Make sure to check that "Coupon" box under the price on the Amazon item listing before checking out.

$15 at Amazon

Play all day

Energizer Rechargeable batteries | 18% off

Both Touch Controllers for the Oculus Quest 2 need a AA battery. It's an awful feeling when you want to play on your VR headset and have to fiddle around to find batteries with juice. These rechargeable batteries make it easy to play all day long. This pack is on sale for 18% off, comes with 4AA batteries and the charger, as well. That's a phenomenal deal.

$17 at Amazon

Keep it going

Esimen power capsule

$24 at Amazon

Since the Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone headset, it has to run on battery power. Unfortunately, you'll likely only get around 2 hours of battery life before needing a charge, but with Esimen's convenient power capsule, you can game for much longer without adding extra wires or bulk to your headset. Be sure to clip the coupon for additional savings on Amazon.

Higher-quality sound

Beats EP on-ear headphones

It's not often that you can find a 30% discount on Beats products, but these on-ear headphones are on sale for Black Friday and make a perfect companion to your Oculus Quest 2. Plug it into the 3.5mm audio jack on the side of the headset and get rocking to the latest Beat Saber songs with better audio quality than the built-in speakers deliver.

$91 at Amazon

Let it go

Eyglo Quest 2 controller grips with strap

Eyglo's controller grips are a single piece of silicone that slips over your controllers and adds both grip and drop protection. On top of that, a handy strap keeps the controllers attached to your hands even when you let go — the perfect solution for more naturally throwing objects in VR. Don't forget to clip the coupon for extra savings, especially if you buy any of the Eyglo products below.

$17 at Amazon

Sweat it off

Eyglo silicone facepad cover

The foam facial interface that ships with the Oculus Quest 2 is pretty cushy, but it gets gross when playing any game that makes you sweat. Cover it up with this sanitary and comfortable soft silicone cover, which is easily removable and washable. Combine it with other Eyglo products here for an extra discount.

$10 at Amazon

Get a better fit

Eyglo Quest 2 Elite Strap

The official Oculus Elite strap is notoriously flimsy, but Eyglo's construction is much more sturdy. Ditch those cloth straps that came with the Quest 2 and get a better fit that's easier to adjust. Combine it with the Eyglo products above for an even bigger discount!

$30 at Amazon

Display it proudly

AMVR Quest 2 stand

The Quest 2 is the best VR headset ever made, so why hide it away? Put that futuristic-looking VR console on display with this great stand from AMVR, which helps keep all your cords, controllers, and headset in a safe and easy-to-reach place between play sessions. Don't forget to clip the coupon on Amazon for an additional discount.

$20 at Amazon

Upgrade to PC VR

Kuject Oculus Link Cable

The Oculus Quest 2 delivers unparalleled standalone VR experiences, but if you've got a gaming PC, those experiences can be even better with an Oculus Link cable. This one from Kuject is not only 16ft long, but it comes with some nice little cable management clips to keep the cable from getting yanked out of your PC. It's also USB Type-A on the end, which will work on more PCs than a USB Type-C cable will.

$19 at Amazon

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