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Get the most out of these smart devices and services with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most popular smart voice assistants on the planet and is accessible on Google Home compatible devices as diverse as smartwatches, smartphones, smart speakers, and more. In addition to the devices it's built into, Google Assistant has integrations with hundreds, if not thousands, of other smart devices and services. What follows is a list of some of our favorites, broken down by category.

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Google Home compatible devices: Smart lights

Connected smart lights are the easiest and most fun way to start building out your smart home network. Multiple brands like Philips Hue and Sengled offer complete collections of smart lighting solutions connected by a hub and work well with Google Assistant.

Smart light starter kit

Philips Hue Multicolor A19 Starter Kit

Staff Pick

Philips is one of the leading manufacturers of connected lighting solutions for good reason. Philips Hue products are easy to set up and work like magic with custom voice controls using Google Assistant. This pack of multi-color bulbs is a good starting point, which comes with the necessary Philips Hue Bridge. Once you get the Bridge set up, it acts as a hub for connecting up to 50 Philips Hue products, including multi-color bulbs, LED light strips, lamps, and more.

$180 at Amazon$190 at Best Buy

No hub required

LIFX 1100-Lumen - 11W Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb

LIFX bulbs are some of our favorites because they look great and integrate directly with Google Assistant without a hub. They can show 16 million different colors in various shades and touches of warmth, and they are built to last. LIFX claims these bulbs should last you over 23 years, so they definitely pay for themselves.

$60 at Amazon

Stick these anywhere

Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip

LED strips offer a cool way to liven up any home theater or desk space with customizable color light shows. We recommend the Philips Hue Lightstrips because they're super customizable with music-sync modes and DIY scene settings available, along with voice control compatibility with Google Assistant. You can trim the strips to suit your space, and you can purchase extension packs if you want to expand your lighting setup.

$80 at Amazon$80 at Best Buy$80 at Target

Affordable Hue alternative

Sengled Multicolor Two-Pack A19 Starter Kit

Sengled offers the best value for budget-conscious consumers looking to invest in smart bulbs — but you're still going to need a dedicated hub. The good news is that once you have that hub, you can add up to 64 bulbs to your network, and Sengled has some of the best prices for buying bulbs in bulk.

$60 at Amazon$42 at Best Buy

Take the party outside

Philips Hue Discover White & Color Ambiance Smart Floodlight

Not everyone realizes that you can bring the functionality of Philips Hue lights to the outside of your house. One of our favorite devices for this is the Hue Discovery Floodlight. Not only can it brightly illuminate your yard to ward off unwanted intruders, but you can set millions of colors to make light shows for backyard barbecues and dance parties with Google Assistant.

$170 at Amazon$170 at Best Buy

Google Home compatible devices: Home automation

Home automation is an extensive category that includes things like Wi-Fi-connected plugs, thermostats, utility sensors, and much more. We've highlighted some of our favorite systems to get your home running on all cylinders. All of these products work with Google Assistant for voice controls.

Keep your cool

Google Nest Learning Thermostat - Programmable Smart Thermostat

Staff Pick

You will notice a pattern of us picking many first-party Google and Nest products, but that's because they work incredibly well with Google Assistant. For example, Nest popularized the category of smart thermostats, and the Nest Learning Thermostat is our pick for the best Google Assistant home automation device. With Google's AI smarts and Google Assistant looking after you, keeping cool or staying hawt has never been easier.

$240 at Amazon$250 at Best Buy$219 at Walmart

Temperature balance

Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control

There are a ton of smart thermostats on the market, but if you are looking for a Nest alternative that works with Google Assistant, our money is on the ecobee SmartThermostat. This model includes a smart sensor to monitor spaces away from the thermostat itself, which can help regulate your home's temperature more efficiently.

$249 at Amazon$250 at Best Buy $249 at Home Depot

Smart sprinklers

Rachio 3

Speaking of efficient and effective use of your utilities, water usage is one of the areas we're perhaps least efficient in our homes. When it comes to keeping on top of sprinklers that may be on automatic settings, that can be even more of a challenge. However, the Rachio 3 system claims that its smarts can help you save up to 50% on your monthly water bill.

$180 at Amazon$184 at Best Buy $180 at Home Depot

Catch that leak

Water Leak Detection Kit by LeakSmart

If you've ever experienced a flood in your home, you know how important it can be to do everything you can to avoid it from happening again. LeakSmart does this with a unique system that detects and stops water leaks "in 5 seconds or less." You can get notifications in the app or check on and control the system with Google Assistant.

$313 at Amazon$411 at Walmart

Make any lamp smart

Kasa Smart HS103P2 10 Amp Mini Smart Plug

This smart plug, available in a two-pack, is handy because its design saves room for another plug above or below it (depending on which you plug it into). It's great for using Google Assistant to turn off a pair of lamps at a time. Best of all, it's literally plug and play, with no hub required.

$15 at Amazon

Garage control

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub - Wi-Fi enabled Garage Hub

This smart home garage hub from Chamberlain brings the ability to control most garage door openers with Google Assistant or your smartphone. The system can also send you real-time alerts, create schedules, and allow you to check the status of your garage door from anywhere.

$24 at Amazon$23 at Best Buy$33 at Home Depot

Google Home compatible devices: Smart appliances

More and more smart appliances are hitting the market that works with Google Assistant. From vacuums to coffee makers, from ceiling fans to smartwatches, there is a smart appliance to work with Google Assistant for any room.

Skip the scut work

Ecovacs DEEBOT 500 Robotic Vacuum

After washing dishes, vacuuming might be the most mundane of household chores. Still, with a smart vacuum like this DEEBOT 500, you can tell the Google Assistant to "ask DEEBOT to start cleaning" and then go about your merry way doing something else productive (or not).

$200 at Amazon$140 at Walmart

The perfect pour

Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

This connected coffee maker can be controlled by your phone or by your voice through Google Assistant. You can program it to brew at specified times, or, if everything is set, you could say, "Hey Google, brew coffee." You can even ask Google Assistant to change the brew strength and turn on/off your coffee maker. It's also eco-friendly as it comes with a reusable filter.

$90 at Amazon

Cool down

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan - 52"

Haiku smart fans work with Google Assistant to ensure that you save as much energy as possible while keeping your rooms cool and the air moving. These smart fans can even be adjusted during the winter to push warm air down, making life easier for the heating system in your home and keeping you warmer.

$933 at Amazon

Google Home compatible devices: Security

One of the fastest-growing categories for smart home devices is in the security space. Keeping tabs on who's coming and going near your residence is essential. Smart home devices can protect points of entry by coordinating lighting, while indoor and outdoor smart cameras and alarm systems monitor all areas of your home. It's where Google Assistant excels. So here are some of our top-recommended security devices that work security magic with Google Assistant.

Who's there?

Google Nest Doorbell

Staff Pick

This device is a great video doorbell based on specs alone, including the ability to run off a battery — no wiring required. However, by adding special Google extras like face identification, package notifications, and activity zones, it quickly becomes an essential home security device.

$180 at Best Buy$179 at Walmart $180 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Smart lock

Google Nest x Yale Lock - Tamper-Proof Smart Lock

Yale is one of the most trusted names in home security and has been making quality locks for generations. This smart version allows you to control access to your home from anywhere, either in the app or with Google Assistant. Worried that you forgot to lock the door? Just ask Google Assistant to do it for you.

$440 at Amazon$280 at Best Buy

Outdoor eyes

Google - Nest Camera Battery - Snow

This weatherproof smart video camera can stream and record at 1080p HD, see a vast 130 degrees for a large coverage area, and operates outside, rain or shine. Connect it to your Nest Hub, ask Google Assistant to "show me the backyard," and get alerts when the camera detects motion or suspicious sounds.

$180 at Best Buy $179 at Home Depot

Indoor eyes

Google Nest Cam Indoor - Wired Indoor Camera for Home Security

This petite camera is more than it appears. Its magnetic stand lets you adhere it to something metallic or just place it on a flat surface. With a Nest Aware subscription, you can get personal alerts sent directly to you. Of course, you can also ask Google Assistant to show you a live feed at any point on your phone or Nest Hub.

$130 at Amazon$129 at Walmart $130 at Target

Affordable Nest Cam alternative

Kasa Smart Security Camera

If spending hundreds of dollars is a little steep for you, but you still want Google Assistant integration, the TP-Link Kasa Spot Indoor Camera is an excellent alternative. It features 1080p HD video, a 130-degree field of view, and night vision. You can set activity zones and communicate through two-way audio. Plus, you can ask Google Assistant to show you what it sees.

$25 at Amazon $28 at Best Buy

Smart security system

SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System - Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring

In addition to keeping your home safe, the SimpliSafe Home Security System also knows when you leave, so it can automatically adjust your Nest Thermostat. You can ask Google Assistant to arm your system or check its status at any time. Plus, you don't have to deal with unnecessary contracts to keep your home secure and safe from the bad guys.

$126 at Amazon

Google Home compatible devices: Entertainment

Whether you call it the living room, rec room, or "the den," we're still all talking about the place where your main TV resides in your home. Google Assistant can control many of your entertainment needs, whether you want to start a dance party or use your voice to play your favorite show on Netflix. We've rounded up the best smart home products specifically for entertaining you and your family, from Bluetooth speakers to Android TVs.

Maximum touchscreen

Nest Hub Max Smart Display with Google Assistant - Chalk

Staff Pick

Control your smart home, watch YouTube cooking tutorials, see your latest photos, or call Grandma with Google Duo on the Nest Hub Max. Its 10-inch touchscreen is vibrant and easy to use, but it's even easier to use your voice to navigate the interface or access your entertainment with Google Assistant.

$230 at Best Buy$229 at Bed, Bath & Beyond$229 at B&H

Sidetable smart display

Lenovo Smart Display 7 (Blizzard White)

Lenovo makes some of the most useful and attractive screened devices with Google Assistant support. We like how the speakers face forward for excellent sound, particularly when you're awaiting an Assistant response. The size of this device is perfect for your nightstand or that corner of your desk.

$100 at B&H

Mid-sized marvel

Google - Nest Audio - Smart Speaker - Chalk

The Nest Audio is the newest smart speaker made by Google, and in our estimation, it just might be the best yet. It sounds and looks much better than the original Google Home smart speaker that it replaced. 70% or more of the fabric cover was made from post-consumer recycled water bottles!

$100 at Best Buy$100 at Walmart$100 at B&H

Convenient Assistant access

Nest Mini (2nd Gen)

The second-generation Nest Mini is a great, affordable device that you can put in practically any space for instant Google Assistant access. Google improved the machine learning chip and added another microphone to this version, which allows for speedier and more accurate responses from the Assistant.

$25 at Best Buy$25 at Walmart$25 at B&H

Best non-Nest

Sonos One (Gen 2) - Voice Controlled Smart Speaker

Sonos is one of the best brands in the connected speaker space, and the second-generation Sonos One is one of our favorite devices for several reasons. It has excellent sound, it's compact and well-built, and you can set Google Assistant as your default voice assistant.

$219 at Amazon$220 at Best Buy

Make any TV smart

Chromecast with Google TV - 4K

The all-new Chromecast with Google TV is Google's best streaming dongle to date and arguably the best streaming device available. All the most popular streaming services are supported, including Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, and because Google makes it, you can be sure that it works with Google Assistant and via the app on your phone. It features the new Google TV interface, and it is designed to work with Google's Stadia if that's something on your radar.

$50 at Best Buy$50 at Walmart

Android TV's best

NVIDIA Shield Android TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player

Everything you need to have a great streaming and gaming experience is in this handy tube that you can hide pretty much anywhere. It's arguably the best Android TV device, and it has Google Assistant baked right in.

$150 at Amazon$150 at Best Buy$150 at Walmart

Smart TV with Assistant inside

TCL 3 Series Smart TV

This smart TV from TCL has the Android TV platform and Google Assistant built-in, so all you have to do is press a button on the remote to summon your favorite voice assistant for quick access to entertainment. You can also control your smart home devices and access just about all of the Google Assistant functionality you love through the TV and remote.

From $180 at Best Buy$190 at Target

Assistant on the go

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle WearOS Smartwatch

Arguably no one is doing a better job at making WearOS smartwatches than Fossil. Not only are its Gen 5 series watches like the Carlyle attractive, but they have useful features like built-in NFC and GPS, a heartrate monitor, and a speaker so that you can converse with Google Assistant.

From $206 at Amazon

Google Home compatible services: Music

In our opinion, one of the best ways to use Google Assistant is to ask it to play whatever music you are in the mood for. So whether you're on your phone, Nest smart speaker, or Android TV, these music services integrate with Google Assistant for quick access to your favorite tunes.

The successor to Google Play Music

YouTube Music

Staff Pick

What better service to use with Google Assistant than one of Google's own? Plus, you can seamlessly switch between audio and video playlists with a Nest Hub or screened device. YouTube Music is now the default music provider for Google Home and Nest speakers right out of the box for quick-play music stations — although you'll need to subscribe for $10 a month for more full-fledged features and no ads.

$10/mo. at YouTube Music

The most popular music streaming service


Spotify is massively popular, and if you aren't already using it, you probably know many people who do. With Google Assistant, simply say "OK Google," followed by your favorite artist, album, song, or playlist, and your music will almost instantly start playing through your smart speaker. This is perfect for playing music in the kitchen when your hands are too messy to handle a phone or set the right mood for a party or an intimate evening.

From $10/mo. at Spotify

Music streaming for all


Pandora is a customizable internet radio streaming service that allows you to curate your streams. It uses complex algorithms to recommend new music it knows you'll love based on your musical tastes and how you've rated other music. Google Assistant lets you throw on your favorite Pandora station using just your voice. Pandora offers an ad-supported free version or paid options that give you more control over the music and no ads.

From $5/mo. at Pandora

Original streamer


Believe it or not, Deezer was one of the first streaming music services, and it remains popular around the world to this day. You can ask Google Assistant to play music by artist, genre, album, or Flow (what Deezer calls their personalized soundtracks), and it can also manage the playback and volume controls.

From $10/mo. at Deezer

So many options for music


iHeartRadio is another excellent option for those that prefer to listen to the radio instead of newer streaming services. iHeartRadio is a free, ad-supported radio platform that connects users with over 850 radio stations from across the U.S. and Canada. The service also includes thousands of podcasts if you don't want to strictly listen to music, with premium subscriptions available that give you unlimited song skips and offline listening.

From $5/mo. at iHeartRadio

Actually, video didn't quite kill the radio star


Believe it or not, some people prefer to listen to the radio over streaming services, and TuneIn is absolutely the go-to app for them. Even with the free version, you get access to over 100,000 radio stations from around the world, along with over five million podcasts as well. If you decide to upgrade to the premium subscription ($10/month), you'll also get access to live NFL and MLB play-by-play, along with a vast library of audiobooks.

$10/mo. at TuneIn

Google Home compatible services: Video

Whether you ask Google Assistant to cast your favorite TV show or movie to a Chromecast device or you request playback on a Nest Hub, it can be liberating to start watching shows hands-free. Here are our favorite services that have Google Assistant integration.

Most popular platform


Staff Pick

This one is obvious, but honestly, it's the service we spend most of our time on. You can ask Google Assistant to search and play any video on the platform on your phone, Chromecast device, Nest Hub, Lenovo Smart Display, and many smart TVs.

Free at YouTube

Better than TV

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an online streaming TV service that delivers over 70 live and premium channels to virtually any screened device. You can subscribe to additional premium channels like HBO and Disney+ through the service, and of course, you can navigate the service with Google Assistant.

$65/mo. at YouTube TV

Originals and live TV


Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services, with original content like The Handmaid's Tale and access to shows from NBC, FX, and Fox, among others. There are various tiers available, including a live TV service similar to Sling or YouTube TV. You can ask Google Assistant to tune in to specific shows through supported smart speakers and devices.

From $5/mo. at Hulu

Wanna binge watch something?


Some days you just want to lounge on the couch and watch Netflix for hours. Other days you can't even be bothered to find the remote. Fortunately, you can use Google Assistant to cast your favorite Netflix show or movie to your Chromecast-enabled TV. All you need to do is say something like "Play Arrested Development on Netflix."

From $9/mo. at Netflix

You probably have it for Star Trek Discovery


Paramount+ is another service that added Google Assistant support. Paramount+ features all the content from CBS's stable of popular shows, including The Big Bang Theory, Survivor, and Star Trek: Discovery. So all you have to do is say, "OK Google, play Star Trek: Discovery in the living room," and away you go.

From $6/mo. at Paramount+

There's still Barry and Westworld, folks


If you decided to keep your HBO subscription after Game of Thrones ended, you're in luck. The HBO app is fully compatible with Google Assistant. All you need to do is ask Google Assistant to play your favorite HBO show, and it will intelligently find the show using the app. You will need an HBO subscription, of course, but with so much great content on HBO, why wouldn't you have one?

$15/mo. at HBO

Answers, assistance, and entertainment

Google Assistant is a valuable tool because it connects you to the vast resources of Google and to an extensive network of Google Home compatible devices and services that are valuable. However, navigating the plethora of integrations available for Google Assistant can be tricky to know which are worthy of your time and money. That's where we come in!

Out of all of the devices on this list, one of our absolute favorites is the Nest Hub Max. Not only can you see and control your smart home and smart security devices, but it also serves as an amazing display for your photos, video and music streaming, and on-demand research.

If you're like us, you may have been surprised to learn that even sophisticated home automation devices like the LeakSmart Water Leak Detection Kit or appliances like the Haiku smart ceiling fan had support for the Google Assistant — what a game-changer!

One of our most common use cases for Google Assistant is controlling our favorite streaming media services like YouTube Music and YouTube.

It's clear to us that you'll never run out of use cases for the Google Assistant!

Source: androidcentral

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