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These discounted Google smart speakers deserve a new home in yours

Cyber Monday is one of the best times of the year to pick up some of the top smart speakers. When it comes to smart speakers, many of the most popular options are running Google Assistant. That's because of how customizable it is and how great the speakers sound. Lucky for you, the best Google Assistant speakers are on sale right now!

When it comes to Google Assistant speakers that can offer the most functionality, my favorite is the Nest Hub Max. The 10-inch display is perfect for displaying pictures in my Live Albums from Google Photos automatically. It's also great when I am cooking and want to display a recipe. The screen size is also nice for watching videos and controlling smart home devices. As for audio, the speaker sounds great when listening to music and podcasts.

Nest Hub Max | $50 off

$179 at Google $180 at Best Buy $180 at B&H

At 10 inches, the Nest Hub Max is the ultimate in Google Assistant smart displays. It has extra screen real estate that helps with viewing recipes, video calls, and of course, photos through Google Photos.

If a 10-inch display is too big, maybe something in the 7-inch range would be better for you. In that case, the Lenovo Smart Display 7 is a great option. The front-firing speaker is clear for listening to audio or while voice chatting with a friend. Though Google doesn't make it, it still gets the same functionality as the Nest-branded smart displays. So if a smaller screen is what you prefer, this is a perfect choice.

Lenovo Smart Display 7 | $30 off

$70 at B&H

The Lenovo Smart Display 7 has a great-looking screen that's big enough to see from across the room but won't take up all of your counter space. Plus, with a front-facing speaker, you'll get great directional audio.

Don't need a screen with your smart speaker? The Nest Audio is the perfect choice to give you direct access to your Google Assistant and fantastic audio at the same time. The Nest Audio was designed to offer you the best sound quality while not taking up a lot of room. The Nest Mini is also a good choice, with surprisingly good sound quality while taking up hardly any counter space for an even smaller speaker option.

Nest Audio | $40 off

$60 at Google $60 at Best Buy $60 at Walmart $60 at B&H

Built with great audio in mind, the Nest Audio is the way to go if you want an excellent sounding speaker that can play all of your favorite tunes and is a helpful digital assistant.

Nest Mini | $24 off

$25 at Google $25 at Best Buy $25 at Walmart $25 at B&H

This small but mighty smart speaker is a great way to expand access to your Google Assistant while having an easy way to get connected audio throughout your home.

When it comes to the perfect desktop or nightstand smart speaker, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is the winner. It has a small 4-inch display that makes for a great clock, but also for glancing over to see some of your favorite photos. The speaker is good enough for casual listening of your tunes and podcasts. But the real winner for this setup is the dock, which has a night light, USB charging ports, and a wireless charging pad!

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Dock | $20 off

$70 at Lenovo $65 at Best Buy $70 at B&H

The upgraded speaker and wonderful dock make this perfect for your bedside table or office desk.

Lenovo Smart Clock | $45 off

$35 at Lenovo $35 at Best Buy $45 at B&H

This has the same 4-inch screen as the Smart Clock 2, but with a lesser quality speaker and no dock. But if you want a small screen smart speaker at a great price, this is a solid choice.

Source: androidcentral

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