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These Oculus Quest 2 workout accessories will keep it clean and you healthy

The main perk of VR workouts is that you don't need to buy gym equipment or even go outside to burn calories. All you need is your headset! Yet without the right tools, you're liable to turn your Oculus Quest 2 into a sweaty, germy mess, or even potentially damage your equipment or injure yourself. Meta will release official Active Pack accessories sometime in 2022, but they aren't available yet. So, for now, here are the best VR workout accessories that'll make your daily indoor fitness routine that much cleaner, safer, and more fun.

Stylish non-slip sweat-catcher

TreadBands All Terrain Tieback Non Slip Headband

Staff Pick

The default Quest 2 facial interface is a sweat sponge, while replacement covers repel sweat, so it drips down your face. You need a headband for prolonged workouts, and this moisture-wicking TreadBands accessory is especially great for VR because it has a soft rubber strip on the inside that helps it stay in place, where others would likely slip onto your face. There are over 30 stylish and silly designs to choose from, but all of them are comfortable and a must-have.

$18 at Amazon

Never lose your grip

VR Cover Controller Grips

Most active VR games involve lots of punching and swiping, making you tightly hold the Touch controllers for long periods. Give your hands a break with these comfortable fabric knuckle straps, which allow you to let go of the controllers without them flying away. The non-slip silicone grip also keeps the controller from getting all sweaty and dirty. They're by far our favorite Quest 2 controller mods.

$29 at Amazon

Comfortably secure and steady

Quest 2 Elite Strap

On its own, the Quest 2 is comfortable in short bursts but tends to put all the weight and pressure on your forehead if strapped tightly, making it slide forward during vigorous activity. If you install the Elite Strap, it better balances the weight between the front and back of your head, stays more secure and is made of plastic material that's easier to clean. If it's in stock and you have extra cash, the Elite Strap with Battery is even better because it doubles your battery life.

$39 at Amazon $49 at Best Buy $49 at Walmart

Vents to prevent foggy lenses

KIWI Design Facial Interface

Lens condensation can be a significant problem when your body heats up from a workout. Thankfully, our favorite replacement face cover adds two pairs of vents on the top and bottom to allow hot air to escape and cool air to circulate. Its comfortable PU leather padding can easily be removed and cleaned, too.

$36 at Amazon

Built to repel sweat

VR Cover Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest 2

We recommend replacing the standard Quest 2 facial interface entirely, but silicone covers are an easier alternative because they clamp to the existing foam in just a few seconds. Softer, cooler, and more padded on your skin, these VR Covers can be removed after a sweaty workout and washed with soap and water in the sink. Just make sure to wear your headband with it, because otherwise unimpeded sweat will drip right off of these.

$9 at Amazon

Thin, cheap sweat protection

Tough Headware Sweat Headband

While we like the TreadBands model for its non-slip design, this lightweight polyester sweatband will cover more of your head while costing less, so you can stock up on a few to swap between from one workout to the next. You can also be sure it'll fit underneath the headset, and it comes in different colors if you end up using it for outdoor exercise.

$7 at Amazon

Long-distance cooling

Vornado Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

Whether you have central air or not, don't underestimate some direct airflow in keeping your body cool during tough workouts. This Vornado unit can circulate air throughout a whole room or blast you with directional air from afar. It also may prevent your Quest 2 lenses from fogging up, which often happens when they are at a lower temperature than your body.

From $80 at Amazon

Protect your Touch controllers

VR Cover Halo Controller Protector Set

When you're swinging your arms around with abandon during workouts, you're bound to slam your Touch controllers into something eventually if you play in a smaller space. These TPU controller sleeves will protect them from damage without blocking the tracking and can be removed and cleaned if they get sweat-stained.

$15 at Amazon

Protect your feet and ankles ...

Nike Metcon 7

Doctors and exercise experts generally recommend wearing shoes for any active, high-impact workout that puts stress on your lower body, which mainly applies to more active VR apps like FitXR or Supernatural. They don't have to be Nikes — though the Metcon 7s have great support and breathability. Still, you should have dedicated indoor workout shoes.

$130 at Nike (Men's) $130 at Nike (Women's)

... then protect your floors

Gorilla Mat Premium Large Exercise Mat

Indoor VR gyms are great until your enthusiastic dance moves and high-impact exercises start to put a dent in your hardwood floors or scuff your carpet. An exercise mat will blunt your shoes' impact; or, if you do still decide to exercise barefoot, it'll give you a tactile warning if you stray too far from your play zone.

$120 at Amazon (6'x4'x1/4")

An affordable shoeless alternative

Odoland Large Yoga Mat

If you prefer working out in socks or want something you can easily roll up and store after your workout, this non-slip sweat-wicking yoga mat provides some decent support and a large 6'x4' area that gives you plenty of room to squat and dodge. You can also find a thicker mat for more support if you prefer, but most are just two feet wide, making them easier to slip off of in VR. This is thin enough that it won't trip you up while offering support and guidance for when you're straying from your spot.

$50 at Amazon

Clean your lenses responsibly

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Many of the best VR workout accessories are all about hygiene. Oculus Quest 2 lenses are made of a different material than typical glasses lenses. Any liquid or abrasive surface can damage them permanently, so use microfiber cloths to scrub away any residual sweat and grime from your workouts.

From $6 at Amazon

Scrub away your germs

Skin Friendly VR HMD Cleaning Wipes

Oculus strongly recommends that you only clean your Quest 2 straps and foam with non-abrasive, antibacterial, and alcohol-free wipes — which can be incredibly hard to find. These are the best we've seen that actually kill germs, don't harm skin, and don't have an odor. Just be sure not to use these on the lenses.

From $5 at VR Cover

Let your friends and family take a turn

VR Cover Disposable Hygiene Covers

A silicon cover can be removed and washed, but sometimes you'll just want a quick cover to protect your headset without having to clean it afterward. Try buying a 50- or 100-pack of these thin sweat-wicking covers, which adhere to your Quest 2, so they don't come loose as you play. One important disclaimer: don't use these with a foam interface, as the adhesive may damage or pull off the foam when removed.

From $17 at Amazon

Recover from your workout

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

If you're using VR for serious, day-to-day exercises, then your muscles will need some help recovering. For example, a foam roller is used by athletes across various sports to bounce back from tough workouts and will help you if you're experiencing back or leg pain in particular. This roller is popular with athletes and comes with access to online instructional videos, so you know what you're doing.

$34 at Amazon

Virtual gym membership


Sometimes, paying for a pricey membership gives you the kick you need to work out every day, so you're not "wasting money." After the 30-day free trial, Supernatural will cost you a pretty penny in exchange for licensed music and new daily workouts run by virtual coaches. We'd argue this is only worth the money if you're truly serious about daily VR training; otherwise, just stick to exercise VR games with a fixed cost.

$19/mo. at Supernatural

Total audio immersion

Logitech G333 VR gaming earphones

Whether you prefer Supernatural, Beat Saber, or any other app, the music and sound effects make or break the experience. So stay focused with the music blasting right into your ears – without annoying your roommate with the noise – with these Logitech earbuds designed specifically for the Quest 2, complete with low-latency performance and custom cord lengths, so it doesn't dangle from the headset.

$49 at Amazon $50 at Best Buy

(Carefully) add weighted resistance

RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest

You may be tempted to try wrist or ankle weights to make VR workouts tougher, but these can cause long-term joint issues. Instead, a vest is generally safer because the weight is distributed across your body and makes VR cardio that much more challenging. Just be careful not to buy too much weight and hurt your back; 20 pounds should be plenty to start.

From $60 at Amazon

Make VR fitness a little less gross

The Quest 2 works perfectly well for casual experiences. But the faster you move around, punch, jump, or generally stray into workout territory, the more problems you'll run into, such as foggy lenses, sliding headsets, tweaked ankles, wrist pain, or sweat- and bacteria-ridden foam interface, to name just a few.

Whether you enjoy casual rhythm games or more intense Quest 2 exercise games like FitXR or Supernatural, you should get your hands on at least some of the best VR workout accessories. Either the official Elite Strap or any of the best Quest 2 strap alternatives, along with an upgraded face cover, will make a world of difference.

Otherwise, VR exercises are a lot like regular exercises, and you should treat them like it. First, make sure you have comfortable, moisture-wicking shirts and shorts to wear. Next, protect your feet from hard impacts by wearing running or training shoes like the Nike Metcon 7, then invest in a large exercise or yoga mat to protect your floor from damage. Most importantly, buy a reliable headband or sweatband like a TreadBands rag that'll sop up most of your sweat before it hits your headset.

With this gear in hand, you'll be fully decked out for whichever of the best Oculus Quest 2 games you use to get sweaty!

Source: androidcentral

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