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Labor Day sales 2022: when it is and what to expect on the big day

We're quickly closing in on this year's Labor Day sales, with only a few weeks left until a wide range of retailers kick off the biggest sales event this side of Black Friday. Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe's are just a few of the big names we're expecting big things from this Labor Day - which falls on Monday, September 5th for 2022. 

Whether you're going to be shopping home appliances, furniture, mattresses, and grills or TVs, laptops, and tech, we'll have all the best deals right here on this page as soon as they land. While it's still early days yet, we're in full preparation mode here at TechRadar updating this page with everything you need to know about the upcoming Memorial Day sales, including what types of products you'll find on sale and who has the best deals on the big day.

The majority of this information can be found just below in our FAQ section, which covers all the basic questions you may have. Just below that, you'll find more detailed retailer-specific information with a quick A-Z of the best brands to check out, alongside when we expect their Labor Day sales to begin. As we draw closer to the event we'll be packing this page full of the deals as soon as they land, so don't hesitate to bookmark and check in again closer to the big day itself.

Labor Day sales 2021: FAQ

When do the Labor Day sales begin?

Labor Day falls on Monday 5th of September this year, although we expect plenty of retailers to start their sales ahead of this date. It's generally assumed these days that with any big retail event - the Labor Day sales included - that you'll get plenty of deals upwards of a week in advance, although this isn't a hard and fast rule. Still, if you're looking to shop early, it's worth keeping an eye out from late August onwards. 

Who has the best Labor Day sale?

Amazon: number one for cheap electronics, though sells everything
Best Buy: cheap 4K TVs, plus excellent savings on all types of laptops
Walmart: especially good for cheaper laptops and budget Chromebooks
Home Depot: bundle savings on appliances, plus patio furniture, grills
Lowes: excellent for power tools, lawnmowers, lighting, and appliances
Overstock: huge inventories of clearance furniture, bed & bath, patio items
Nectar: often bundles in accessories worth up to $400 with mattresses
Purple: free gifts, plus seasonal savings on premium mattresses
Saatva: bundle savings when you spend over an amount on a mattress

Competition is going to be stiff across the board, but the best retailer for you is going to depend heavily on what's featured on your Labor Day shopping list. For appliances, furniture, grills, or other 'end of summer' items', then you'll definitely want to check out Home Depot, Lowes, or Overstock. These retailers have inventories of literally thousands of home and garden items, so they should be your first stop. 

If you're looking for electronics in general then Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy are likely to have the biggest sales this year. Amazon's particularly good for headphones and Apple products, while Walmart and Best Buy are fantastic for cheap 4K TVs and entry-level laptops. Speaking of laptops, both Dell and HP should have awesome own-brand sales across their sites over Labor Day too, which will be particularly good if you're spending a bit more.

Lastly, if you're looking for mattress deals over Labor Day, then Nectar, Sealy, Saatva, and Purple to all have excellent promotions running at their respective sites.

Does Amazon do Labor Day sales?

Yes and no. It's unlikely that Amazon will run its own event that's specifically labeled a 'Labor Day sale', but it is likely it'll be participating in some form or another. It's a big day for online shopping in general so you can expect Amazon will be offering up plenty of price cuts - especially if rival retailers like Best Buy or Walmart are running big events on the day. Put simply, if you're looking for cheap laptops, TVs, headphones, or anything electronic then you should have plenty to check out at Amazon on Labor Day. We'll also be including Amazon's best deals on this page when the time comes.

Labor day sales

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What items get discounted for the Labor Day sales? 

The Labor Day Sales traditionally cover things like appliances, both outdoor and indoor furniture, and home items in general. You'll also find awesome sales on things like mattresses as well as end-of-summer items like BBQ grills. As you'd expect, it's also a great time to pick up clearance patio furniture for next year at places like Lowes and Home Depot - which normally have free delivery too.

As with any online shopping event, the Labor Day sales will also have a ton of cheap tech deals to check out too. We expect retailers like Best Buy and Walmart to come out the gates with some really cheap laptops and 4K TV deals - which are always favorites for our readers in particular. We should also see discounted headphones and smart hubs too - especially if Amazon joins in as sales on its own devices are pretty much a given on any sales event.

Home Depot, Lowe's, Best Buy and Amazon tend to have the widest selection of deals in the Labor Day sales covering pretty much all the bases. Last year we did see quite a few more specialized retailers like Dell, Lenovo, and HP join in too, which were particularly good for laptop deals. If you'd like to see a full run down of last year's top Labor Day sales, we've preserved some just below.

How did Labor Day start?

Labor Day itself started as a way to celebrate the efforts and contributions of the American Labor movement and everyday workers, from its inception in 1894 all the way to the present day. In recent years, like many federal holidays, it's been used as an opportunity by many retailers to offer big discounts on a whole array of items. Subsequently, it's often regarded as the best time for shopping in between the earlier Memorial Day sales and the Black Friday sales in November.

Expected Labor Day sales 2022

Amazon: Expected start date - 5th of September
Amazon doesn't tend to launch a specifically labeled 'Labor Day sale' each year but that won't stop its store pages from being full of deals come early September. Expect tons of price matching and daily deals on everything from super cheap 4K TVs to expensive Apple products. As always, Amazon is particularly good for cheaper consumer electronics as well as various back-to-school essentials.
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Bed Bath & Beyond: Expected start date - 3rd of September
Bed Bath & Beyond will be a great place to stop by on Labor Day if you're on the hunt for homewares and furniture. While deals are available all year round from this retailer, it's likely to launch a big Labor Day sale close to the big day itself - probably a few days earlier, if not a full week ahead.
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Best Buy: Expected start date - 29th of August
Best Buy will be a great choice for cheap laptops, TVs, and home appliances this Labor Day if any of these items are on your shopping list. As with the other big retailers (Amazon, Walmart), Best Buy may not launch a sale specifically branded for Labor Day itself but you can expect some sort of big retail event during the Labor Day week, possibly even as soon as the weekend prior.
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Casper: Expected start date - TBC
The Labor Day sales are likely to be the best time this side of Black Friday in November to bag a great deal on a new mattress. Casper is one of the many big names that usually holds a big annual sale for Labor Day, including discounts on its premium mattresses and plenty of bundled extras - including pillows, duvets, and protectors.
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Dell: Expected start date - TBC
Dell always has fantastic prices on cheap laptops and we expect the retailer to roll into this year's Labor Day sales with a ton of great options - even if it doesn't launch a campaign specifically targeting Labor Day. For huge discounts on everything from super cheap Chromebooks to premium XPS ultrabooks, Dell is highly likely to be one of the best options for picking up a bargain this September.
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Dyson: Expected start date - TBC
As well as the obvious discounts on Dyson vacuums, you can expect reductions on hair care and air treatment products at Dyson this Labor Day. Products to look out for with discounts are the excellent  AirWrap and Air Purifier.
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Emma Mattress: Expected start date - TBC
With the biggest discounts are usually reserved for Black Friday in November, you'll want to check back in once the sales have begun. We've seen reductions of at least 35% in the past, so expect that to return plus the possibility of free pillows, sheets, and other extras.
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Home Depot: Expected start date - 29th of August
No Labor Day sales event would be complete without Home Depot, which traditionally holds one of the biggest and most 'complete' events of all retailers. If you're looking to pick up a few things for the house or yard then it's highly likely the retailer will kick things off a little early this year - most likely the beginning of September. Overall, expect the usual staples here - appliances of all types, decor, smart home, and plenty of power tools.
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HP: Expected start date - TBC
Alongside Dell, HP is one of the best options for affordable laptops, desktops, monitors, and various other PC peripherals. We're expecting the HP Labor Day sale to offer all the usual discounts on Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, and monitors - including some limited-time doorbusters. HP usually kicks off its retail events a little earlier, so be on the lookout from around the 1st of September onwards.
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Lenovo: Expected start date - TBC
Another top destination for laptop deals of all shapes and sizes, Lenovo should offer some fantastic Labor Day sales this year - even if it doesn't brand its website with Labor Day specifically. Expect great reductions throughout the week with deals on more Lenovo laptops, tablets, and smart home gear as well.
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Lowe's: Expected start date - 29th of August
Has a little bit of everything you need for around the home: whether you want a bit of new tech or something for your next DIY project. As with Home Depot, we expect the Lowe's Labor Day sale to be vast and most likely launched a little early - possibly a week in advance. If you're looking for big savings on appliances, home goods, and power tools then definitely check in with Lowes.
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Microsoft: Expected start date - TBC
Microsoft probably won't launch a Labor Day sale specifically, although a range of deals on its own-brand tech is highly likely over the course of the week. If you're looking for superb premium tablets and laptops then it'll be well worth checking in with Microsoft's deals on the excellent Surface range of devices.
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Nectar Sleep: Expected start date - TBC
Nectar is another fine premium mattress brand that will be offering fantastic discounts come Labor Day. Usually, we see a saving of $100 on its premium memory foam mattresses and up to $399 of accessories included for free.
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Newegg: Expected start date - TBC
Newegg will likely hold some sort of big retail event over Labor Day, even if doesn't specifically brand its store pages accordingly. Newegg has dozens of PC components, peripherals, and other tech items discounted at any one time and we expect it to ramp things up for Labor Day since it's the biggest retail event this side of Black Friday in November.
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Nike: Expected start date - TBC
Nike is another retailer that likely won't hold a Labor Day sale specifically. Rather, it'll ramp up its usual season sales to compete with the other brands out there. Usually, you can find discounts of up 40% off a range of Nike shoes, fashion, and accessories - often on clearance items.
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Samsung: Expected start date - TBC
Samsung is quickly becoming one of our favorite retailers to check out at any given retail event - namely because it's just so damn generous with its promotions. This year we've not only seen amazing bundle deals on appliances, huge price cuts on tablets and computers, but a ton of exceptional promotions on some of the best smartphones money can buy. Also, if you're on the hunt for TV deals this Labor Day, don't forget to check in with Samsung's excellent range of QLED displays - highly likely to be on sale over Labor Day.
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Target: Expected start date - TBC
Mega-retailer Target has a far-reaching Black Friday sale that features discounts of up to 60% across toys, electronics and fashion. Top picks include a 65-inch TV for $499, the Apple AirPods Pro for $189 and NERF blasters from $20.
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Verizon: Expected start date - TBC
Verizon's always got a number of great deals at any one time over at its store page - most of which we expect to carry on throughout the Labor Day sales period. Realistically, it doesn't tend to swap out its deals that regularly (especially its trade-in rebates), but we might be in for a few surprises over Labor Day with a bit of luck.
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Walmart: Expected start date - 29th of August
No surprises here - Walmart will definitely have one of the biggest Labor Day sales this September, both in the quality and the sheer amount of deals on offer. Generally speaking, you can get everything from Walmart at any one time although we'd single it out as a particularly good choice for cheap 4K TVs, windows laptops, and small appliances like air fryers.
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Wayfair: Expected start date - 29th of August
With furniture for every room and accessories for every interior, you'll find some excellent decor deals over at Wayfair this Labor Day. Generally speaking, this retailer holds sales all year round but ramps things up when a specific event takes place. Labor Day is highly likely to be the biggest this side of November so definitely don't miss it.
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Source: TechRadar

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