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AMD is about to upend the Chromebook market just like it did for PCs

Acer is doing Ryzen right with its new Chromebook Spin 514. It's the middle of the afternoon on a Friday and I'm typing this out on my back deck using a Chromebook . I love the darn things and any time I can get away from a desk during the workday I try to do it, and always with a Chromebook in tow. To me, a really well-built mid-range Chromebook with plenty of power and plenty of storage is just right. No one Chromebook is perfect for everyone. Of course, the best Chromebook for me might not be the best Chromebook for you. But if you're like me and want a modestly priced Chromebook that outperforms and out delivers, I think Acer has just what you're looking for in 2021 with the new Chromebook Spin 514 . It's not sleek and light as a feather. Not all of them have a backlit keyboard, nor do any have a glass-covered trackpad. But what it does have makes up for it — a beautiful 14-inch display, a very tough build of anodized aluminum, the best hinge system you&

Make your Chromebook more powerful with these docking stations

The best Chromebook docking stations can turn your laptop from on-the-go ready to comfortably cozy by plugging in a single USB-C cable. When you're home and want to use a clicky mechanical keyboard, an ergonomic mouse, or add a secondary display, docking stations are here to keep things tidy and organized. While you could maybe get by with some tiny USB-C hub , the cables are usually too short and leave your desk cluttered, while docking stations help keep things connected while staying out of your way. If you need to get your Chromebook connected, these are the best docking stations. Keep it tidy Pluggable USB Mini Docking Station Staff Pick This compact docking station won't take up much desk space, but it still has enough space for four USB-A peripherals, an HDMI monitor, Ethernet, and an audio jack for some speakers. It can also charge your Chromebook at full speed. $129 at Amazon Tall or flat, your choice Baseus 16-in-1 USB-C Dock Some folks prefer a standing d

Amazon's Thanksgiving deals include Chromebook deals starting at $210

The Thanksgiving sales are here now, and if you are in the market for a new Chromebook, you won't want to miss out on these new Black Friday Chromebook deals that just launched at Amazon. As part of the sale, Amazon is offering up to 15% off a few different Chromebook models, with prices starting at just $209.99 for the Samsung Chromebook 4 , which is a discount of $40. If you are looking for something a little higher end, the Samsung Chromebook Plus is the option for you, and today it's down to just $479.99 from $550. Chromebooks at Amazon From $210 at Amazon Amazon has a few Chromebook models on sale for Thanksgiving deals, including options from Lenovo, Samsung, Acer & more. Prices start at $210, so don't miss out. There's also a Lenovo Chromebook S330 which is down to $239.99 from $280 and an Acer Chromebook 514 which is down to $299.99 from $365. With the exception of the cheapest Samsung Chromebook, the others have 14-inch displays with up to 64GB of

Black Friday Chromebook deals: $149 options from HP, $271 off Acer & more

Black Friday sales one some of the best Chromebook models have already started, and more of them are scheduled to take place over the coming days. Availability has been extremely limited for Chromebooks lately, and any chance you can buy one is a chance you should take advantage of. Retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and others have a few great Black Friday Chromebook deals going live, and we've been tracking all of them. Here are all of the best Chromebook Black Friday deals you can take advantage of, so don't miss out. Chromebook Black Friday Deals Acer Chromebook 715 | $271 off at Walmart This super-sized laptop is currently #10 in our Best Chromebooks because it's bulky but powerful. you get a 15.6-inch touchscreen and a full keyboard with a number pad. $279 at Walmart HP Chromebook 14 (14-CA061DX) | $170 off at Best Buy HP makes bigger and beefier Chromebooks, but for a kid's first computer, the HP Chromebook 14 is a great match. You get plenty of

Here are all of Black Friday's best Chromebook deals

Black Friday sales are already flowing and some of the best Chromebook models you can buy are already on sale. We are just about a week away from the big day, but that's not stopping retailers from starting the party a bit earlier than normal this year. Unfortunately, Chromebook availability hasn't been plentiful since the pandemic broke out, and any time you can find one in stock is a good time to buy one. We are rounding up all of the best Chromebook Black Friday deals that we can find from around the web, including those from the ads that have already leaked from Best Buy, Walmart, and others. Keep in mind some of the deals on this list might not be live just yet . Most of the best Chromebook Black Friday deals will start later in the month, likely due to limited availability, but we have spotted a few that are ready to be purchased now. Here are all the best Black Friday Chromebook deals you can buy today. Black Friday Chromebook Deals HP 2-in-1 14-Inch Chromebook Bu

Grab a refurbished Chromebook for as little as $100 in this Woot sale

We were starting to get a little worried about the Black Friday Chromebook sales. Prime Day was a disappointment and many retailers did not seem up to the task of showing us our favorite Chrome OS-powered laptops with great discounts, but our fears have subsided for now. We're seeing a ton of great deals including Chromebook sales you can't miss . Of course, if you're supremely budget-minded then you're going to need even better deals than that. We've got you. Check out Woot's one-day sale featuring several refurbished Chromebooks from Acer and HP with some going as low as $99.99. Like all Woot sales, you will pay a mandatory shipping fee. The only way around it is to use your Amazon Prime membership . And, honestly, with Black Friday almost upon us you should make sure this membership is up to date anyway. I mean, a Chromebook is always meant to be an affordable option, right? Even the most powerful ones rely on Google's Cloud and things like that to save

These are the best Chromebooks to buy for you and your family

The best Chromebooks can provide a top-notch computing experience in 2020. They're perfect for students, grandparents, and anyone looking for a trouble-free laptop with long battery life. We've reviewed and rated the absolute best Chromebooks so that you can find the best value at any budget. Our buyer's guide will help you find the perfect Chrome OS laptop or tablet if you're switching from a Windows or Mac, or if you're buying your first laptop entirely. The 10 best Chromebooks you can buy ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 — Best Chromebook Overall: A large and premium Chromebook with a long-lasting battery, plenty of power, and a great trackpad. Lenovo Chromebook Duet — Best Tablet: Coming with a kickstand and detachable keyboard in the box, Lenovo gives us the best tablet experience on a Chromebook to date Acer Chromebook Spin 713 — Best For Gaming & Performance: Acer delivers a powerful productivity and gaming punch with a 10th Gen Intel processor and up

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